Iloilo x Guimaras!
I can't believe it took me months to publish this. But this Iloilo-Guimaras trip before the school year started was one of the best year kickstarters I've ever had! I'm still driven to make 2017 the year I surprise myself. :)

First thing we did once we landed: try Iloilo's famous La Paz Batchoy at Netong's in the public market. We went to Garin Farm afterwards. It's such a picturesque place, I think it's a common venue for retreats or any event that requires peaceful meandering.

Look at this. I didn't know I signed up to cardio when we went here. And once we reached the top I cried- because it was very white and the 9am sun was so bright it hurt my eyes.

Very oh-my-God-worthy. It was all so blinding. But I gotta say, the view from up top was pretty.

We did a little bit of goofing around afterwards. This is Zeke imitating Madame Bianca and her gorgeous scarf :)))

We then proceeded to visit varying churches and cemeteries (if you'd believe it, this one right here is a cemetery).
(...and we used it as a backdrop for our photo ops.... wow, we're horrible.)

Fourth UP campus I've ever visited! Hellooo UP Miag-ao.

This looks like we're holding a press conference for Madame Bianca HAHAHA

Dinner was Roberto's well-loved siopao, which I concluded by their jam-packed place along Calle Real.

Aaaaand Day 2 was island-hopping day at Gigantes Islands!!! Highlight of the trip, if you'd ask me.

This was us at Carles Port early morning. Getting here from Iloilo City was a long trip, we had to get going as early as 5am, I think.

But it was all worth it.

I could begin by saying It's beautiful but that would be such an understatement. I'm not even going to try anymore.
This was Tangke Lagoon!!! It's like a secret hiding place. We swam around here (I got scratched by a rock though). There's also a spot too for cliff diving! Zad, Nico and Zeke tried it out.
We got a Moana in our group.

This is by far the best beach I have ever swum in. The white sand was so soft and felt nice and was very kind to my soles. :((( Too bad we stayed for just a little while. I think we played dodge ball or something and spun around holding hands, which was really cool though it sounded really corny.

There's also a life-changing moment I had while here in Iloilo. I swore off all kinds of seafood unless it had gills and fins and can fit my normal plate, but this time around, I bravely tried scallops.

Dear God, were they delicious.

I have been missing out on these bivalve delicacies my whole life! And the resort hostess even informed that it was P1 each. I really wished I could haul buckets of it back to Manila.

Day 3 was island-hopping part two, but I didn't have much pictures because the camera went white screen on me........ I guess it wasn't waterproof HAHAHAHA. We visited Mayora, our batchmate who's Mayor of a town in Iloilo (she gave us chili crabs!!!!! A big Tupperware of it!!!!), then afterwards we went to Guimaras on a ferry. The AirBnB we stayed was a gorgeous house, too bad we stayed for just a little while. The worst part is I was knocked out on the couch when I was supposed to sleep at the really pretty small house beside the big one with Rain and Brit and Alexa.

Did I mention Guimaras? Famous for their delicious mangoes?

Day 4. After touring around we ate lunch at Pit Stop where we got served with Mango Bulalo and Mango Pizza. Wild menu.

Day 5 was going back to Iloilo and dillydallying. Rain, Alexa, Raissa and I watched La La Land in SM Iloilo too! It was the last thing we did before going to the airport. Rain and Alexa had to stay behind because their flight's early morning. Ours was at midnight.

Ah. I loved this little getaway. :) Though it came with several depressing realizations :))) I guess I'm the kind of person who's the universal friend but no one really thinks of first in the hypothetical "find your gym partner" situation. I'm trying to turn it into a strength, though. But upon reflection I think I gotta exert more, sometimes I feel too introverted to even try and be that game person so it's no wonder I don't get picked- I don't try so as to make them choose to hang with me. It can be tiring, all that trying.

Nevertheless, Iloilo-Guimaras was such an adventure. Now I feel more empowered to make trips like this :)))

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