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I just finished binge-watching Avatar: The Legend of Aang. In just three and a half days. (This is what vacation does to me.)

I LOVED IT :((( I find myself rooting for Aang all the time. I love the boy, he's sweet and innocent but really wise for his age too. Actually, everyone's pretty likeable. But probably the character I loved most would be Iroh... it's his tale that stuck with me the most. And to think it was just a short (from the Tales of Ba Sing Se, where there were six short stories all in all), probably four minutes long at most, and it was what I remembered clearly.

I was about to watch the Legend of Korra, but I wanted the feeling to linger for a little bit. I was still stuck in Aang's story. I'd like for it to stay that way for at least a week, I think.

Now watching Parks and Recreation, as my good friend Rico suggested HAHA. I'm yet to love it. Then next would be Stranger Things, then I'll catch up on HTGAWM, then probably Korra by then.........

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Friday, December 16, 2016
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