Grub Hub x Game Over PH
When Joyce and ate Kyla proposed a day-off to QC, I was sort of hesitant to go because I was already in Cavite by then. I'd have to travel back to the city. But it was them anyway (which makes it hard to say no!) and my life has been boring lately, so I ultimately went back to Manila on the afternoon of the 19th.
Food parks are becoming a thing recently. The first one I went to was Gastro Park during my manuf internship in Mandaluyong; Kapitolyo was nearby so naturally we went restaurant-hopping. There were 12-15 mini food stalls there, I think.

But Grub Hub is a different food park altogether. Much more space (there's parking!), and the interiors were all arty and made from recycled materials. And the food! So many stalls to choose frommm~

We had nachos from Noble Comida, wings (sriracha and garlic) from St Mick's Wing Bar, bacon fried-like-chicken from Yzzy Eats (the bacon-lover in me is disappointed. It tasted like crispy chicken skin), sloppy fries from Miggy Piggy, and s'mores from Wicked Kitchen.
I was about to say "bye bye diet" but I realized it was nonexistent anyway, so what the hell.

The downside is that their drinks are a bit pricey. No service water too so you really have to buy beverages. Didn't try the cocktails because it was too early for that haha

Next stop: Game Over PH at Xavierville!!!

I gotta hand it to them. This is the ultimate nerd's (aka my) haven. :(((

For P200/head (consumable!) this is a very reasonable price..... because we were there from 5PM-11PM HAHAHAHA and we had unli access to their vast collection of board games!!!

And as if we weren't amazed enough with the board games they have, add to that an amazing bar to hang out in.
WE LOVED THEIR FLAVORED BEERS. The salted caramel one was my favorite. The rest were fruit-flavored, like lychee and raspberry (among others- these were just the ones we ordered).

We had so much fun. We played Jenga (classic and the Donkey Kong version), Cards Against Humanity, The Resistance (!!!), Taboo, and....
...human-sized Jenga!!!! (Or maybe half-human-sized...)

You can see that my five-footer height was a handicap for this game. I practically needed a stool to place the blocks on top. We were so good at it we reached the point when there wasn't a block left eligible for taking without the tower collapsing due to instability :)))

It was super scary too because the blocks aren't exactly the fluffiest things in the world, and it's real danger if the whole tower topples onto you. Every turn we have to have this funny position wherein we're taking the block but at the same time readying ourselves to sprint once the tower does collapse.

We also availed of the one-hour use of the PS4. Played Call of Duty: Black Ops, Mortal Kombat X (HAHAHAHAHA I was furious at the controller while playing this game) and Star Wars: Battlefront.

The original plan was to go home by 9PM, because buses that are Cavite-bound have their last trips at around 10. But we played Resistance (we were quite loud lol #sorrynotsorry) and it was I-N-T-E-N-S-E. I pointed it out and taught them the game, since I played this one a million times with my blockmates and we were madly obsessed with it (we actually had a really bad night one time because we were all in a sour mood while playing...... and I was meaner than usual, not proud of it haha).

They eventually understood when I said friendships are going to be tested by this game. This requires deductive reasoning, bluffing (A LOT. LIKE A LOT LOT), trusting, and carefully saying the right things. After three rounds we were drained. It was 11PM by then. I had no keys to my unit, left it in Cavite. Either I sleep over or we stay up all night until dawn.

Soooo we decided to go to a bar. It was funny because we ended up in Chill Bar Cubao. They have another branch in Ermita near our school and it's a familiar go-to, and idk why out of all the bars in QC we still chose Chill Bar. But the branch in Cubao was actually nice. It was on a roofdeck, so the view was great, and the ambiance was really relaxing (duh, what did I expect from Chill Bar).

I lowkey-hate their mixes though. But still, cheers to opening up about our insecurities, dark secrets, escapades, and life rants. HAHAHAHAHAHA

When the sun was about to rise, we walked to the nearest McDonald's for breakfast. Jalo drove us to the nearest commute terminal (he has a flight back to Palawan 2PM) and the rest of us parted ways in Quezon Avenue. I took an FX with Ayane and I had to borrow a shirt from him because I didn't want my parents to see me in the same clothes I went out with the day before HAHA

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to this bunch who definitely made it to my list of #PersonsFor2016 (Joyce inspired this). We started out as a slate who were pressured into things we weren't 100% sure what to do with but definitely 100% sure of giving our best anyway, and now that rollercoaster event has somehow shaped us into who we are now, and what each of us mean to one another.

Looking forward to more adventures this 2017 with these dorks. ❤

PS Of course we couldn't pass up this opportunity to have a fierce photoshoot.
Hi, marshies. Love ya.

(photos courtesy of Joyce and Ayane, the two fab persons in the photo above)

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