Philippine Antibiotic Awareness Week 2016
If I had a 2016 list of moments I'm proudest of, this one certainly makes it.

The Department of Health (DOH) collaborated with Young Pharmacists' Group (YPG) Philippines to organize PAAW 2016, and through YPG, The Pharmakon was invited to document the event and take part in the organizing of the exhibit and other miscellaneous materials. I got to spearhead the team and work with some of the people I look up to! :)

At first I was hesitant since it coincided with the time we were about to publish our first issue + hell weeks of course, but we made it through. Plus, we were working with the superwomen of CP- I don't know how they do the what they do, but they are damn good at it. Ma'am Chai, our adviser, was actually at Thailand a week prior the event for an international congress. Ma'am Kat took over while she was gone and supervised us. And of course ma'am Yen, the AMR queen of DOH, guided us, together with ma'am Lora.

They are all such inspiring people, plus they are a close-knit set of women. #goals

The event was on November 15th at the Manila Pavilion, 10am. But we were there as early as 7am to set up the stage and the exhibit area and whatnot. We volunteered as ushers too, and I helped April with the tech stuff.

WHO Representative Dr Gundo Weiler and Secretary of Health Dr Paulyn Ubial graced the event. It featured the release of manuals such as National Antibiotic Guidelines, Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in Hospitals, and Antimicrobial Use Monitoring; awarding ceremonies for the AMR contests in poster-, infographic-, storybook-, and infomercial-making plus the AMR Warriors (Hospitals and Industry); and the pledging of support to the AMR cause.

Just a quick briefer for everyone: antimicrobial resistance is a worldwide health care problem. It's caused by the misuse and abuse of antibiotics (like taking them even when you don't have an infection, ie when you have the flu or colds since they are mostly caused by viruses, or when you don't finish the complete regimen of antibiotics prescribed), causing the growth of "superbugs"- bacteria that eventually become resistant to the medications they're supposed to be susceptible to via upgrades in their genetic sequences. You can learn more about it here:

There was a press conference afterwards too.

I didn't get to attend it though because I had to rush back to school. I had an exam on PPIC lab by 2pm HAHAHAHAHA. Sometimes I forget I'm a student too.

That was it! I'm really grateful for this opportunity, because this is the kind of thing I see myself doing in the future, too. :)

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