No pressure, no diamonds
I have so, so many dreams for our college paper that I wish I could make them all come true before my term ends.

I dunno why I had to blog that. I have been freshly struck with determination since I attended the Board of Alumni oath-taking of our college for event coverage, and it was inspiring seeing these successful pharmacists pave their own kind of futures. And the current president is a former adviser of our school paper- so there's some idea of funding us to allot a segment for alumni news.

Both Dean Loquias and Chancellor Padilla presented great insights regarding future renovations in the college. They're all really big ones. And then there's this curriculum revision, wherein our college will be offering a six-year PharmD course.

These are exciting times and I'm glad I am going through them. I hope I can make some substantial contributions as well- and I guess the least I could do, being EIC of our school paper, is to document all these.

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Monday, October 10, 2016
@ 13:08