Highs and lows
Last Wednesday was a day of mixed feelings, I didn't know what to feel overall.

But this part here was definitely a high.

Aright. This is a 2016 first: first time to donate blood. That was a 250-mL blood bag I filled, bruh. I'm so proud of myself.

I really wasn't planning on donating. This blood drive of my organization has been going on twice a year since I was a freshman in 2012, and I only donated now that I am a senior. And if it wasn't for Ingrid's pushing, I won't really, ever. I was scared of needles AND blood, and also because I still have class after that drive. I was afraid I'd feel dizzy or what.

But this is Ingrid's first time to head a major project and I owe it to my roommate to donate! Hahaha. She has been busy especially with the blood bag poster, and the souvenir pins, everything basically. PROBlood is so much cooler this year with the theme "Be a Hero." I got a Captain America and a Batman pin, plus one and a half Krispy Kreme donuts after donating blood HAHAHA #roomieperks

Plus Ingrid saw I was really scared at first so she really took care of me. HA. It only took me less than ten minutes to fill the blood bag, though. And I didn't feel weird afterwards, I just lay there for another ten minutes or so to rest. And on to Juris class I go.

I felt like this blood bag was my baby. It came out of my basilic vein. :))) (I know, this photo must be aaaaack. To make things worse for you guys, it still felt warm when I held it HAHAHAHAHA this is so much fun especially since I'm really scared of blood, myself)

Anyway. I'm Manila-bound again, after enjoying my long weekend. These photos came out on National Heroes' Day, Ingrid's so witty at these things! Really in line with the theme. That's pretty much ittt bye for now! :)

Oh, oh! PS: Didja notice I dyed my hair? From black to just a subtle brown, and I did so last week of July at the end of my hospi internship. I kinda envied Jow's DIY hair dying adventure so the next day I bought my own Liese bottle too. Another 2016 first! :)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016
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