Things I will not regret

I've been busy this past sem. I'm not even sure if I made the wise decisions as I went along because really, I was tired. I kept working and working and apparently in some cases my efforts weren't enough (LUH drama queen signing in). One case being the previous college student council elections. (Yes! I ran for a position! Can you believe it?)

I still find it funny that I got to be part of CHANGE, our political party (things I will not regret, #1). But I had it in me to move. I just wanted an opportunity, and I saw it through the vice presidency. I've helped organize PPS, I've been part of All-Orgs for two years, and those were the main functions/projects of the position so I thought it fit me like a glove. But I lost... it's sad, but I guess this one's just really not for me. I actually went through the shocked-disappointed-ugly crying-bitter and eventually acceptance phases, no judging :)) That's how much this meant to me, because damn, son. I came home late every night to train, to think of projects I am determined to deliver, to speak in front of my pseudo-audiences and perfect the RTRs. It was a lot of work, so of course it hurt that it ended in defeat. Yet... it was a month ago already. I figure why mourn over something that long a period when I can be doing something else, something way better? So that was that, and here I am figuring out how to serve in other ways.

Besides. I got myself a family— the whole slate :) Some friendships take months, years to develop and solidify, but I guess under the most intense circumstances and due to the real necessity of unity, you get to form even stronger bonds in the course of a few days or weeks.

* * *

It's amazing how I've come to love intercollegiate volleyball even more this season (things I will not regret, #2). I've never watched the live games before, and this time I think I got to watch three of them (and two were free tickets! Thanks PLDT Home!). I'm proud of the Lady Maroons! They've come a long way to get to the Final Four. Pia and I even had a picture with Princess Gaiser, the team's libero. (I'm not digging my FB timeline for that though hahaha)

I'm even more excited for next season. UP Fight!!!

* * *

The night I acquired this book and the event itself I attended there was a really impulsive thing. Which isn't always a smart move financially, because my allowance and savings were seriously disrupted that period. But— yep, this is #3 on my things I will not regret.

We even got to have a photo with them!!! And autographed books!!! That night was the bomb. They also performed pieces I haven't heard or read before, solos and duets, and there were some well-loved pieces as well (I was speaking along when Sarah was performing "B", that's how much I love that piece). Ate Ange and I even had a bet (one pitcher in Oarhouse) on who was going to cry first. Watching them perform live was such a wonderful privilege, one I'd take every time the opportunity comes. It was certainly a night of feeling.

* * *

Feels so much like a recap. Maybe because it is one HAHAHAHA. Anyway. I'm off doing nothing because my manuf internship at United Laboratories (squeal!!! Sleek compound, with all the fancy access cards and the canteen with churros... I love it) starts on June 13th, which is practically a long period of waiting time. I'm not used to doing nothing. So I revamped my blog (yay!), created my very own grades tracker, and am currently layouting this digest we're working on which is a compilation of all the undergrad and grad researches done in the college from the two previous school years.

I'm not even gonna talk about how ugly and un-united our country looks like now with regards to the spectacular remarks our President-elect is making, nor how my manuf and hospi internships are overlapping and both our preceptors do not know how to fix them, because I will either feel like 1) crashing my head on a wall until some solutions come up from the cracks in my skull, or 2) hibernating for the next six years. Which are both not-so-good ideas. So yes. Let's keep this post light.

Tomorrow is Book Stop-Spoken Word Open Mic night, at Intramuros with Pia. Yep. I'm living the life while I can.

Good night! ❤

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Friday, June 03, 2016
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