Beating boredom + visiting Intramuros

Intramuros is such a pretty place! The main streets stayed pretty much the way it was it was since the Spanish colonization era here in the Philippines.


I really have nothing better to do these past few days. I don't want to come home to Cavite because I'll be even more bored there. Plus, here in Manila I can easily do what I want to do.. like watch X-Men and have a drink with friends all in one day (thank you Joyce for accompanying me in both instances hahaha). Can I just say, X-Men Apocalypse was THE BOMB. I've been watching the cartoon series when I was younger and I've watched the original trilogy as well, which goes to show that I am more of an X-Men girl than an Avengers girl. And at the end of the film the whole gang is finally complete.. it's amazing to see how they all started. And... *squeal* Quicksilver!!! He's the real hero here, probably alongside Jean.

Later that night Joyce, Ayane, Ge and I played King's Cup at Joyce's unit. It was funny 'cause we were just four drinking. And halfway through the deck I was the last mate- Ayane was linked to Joyce, Joyce was linked to Ge, Ge was linked to me. It means no matter who gets to drink, I have to drink as well. I didn't get trashed though. Also funny: the three have an 8am orientation the next day. :))) We finished 2am, I think. Pretty strong-willed people lol

Saturday night was open mic night with Pia, featuring spoken word and acoustic music. We were all gathered in Intramuros' Plaza de Roma, in front of the Manila Cathedral. It was an initiative by The Book Stop Project, which by the way, is an awesome idea. The Book Stop is placed in said plaza which is basically a library of different books, and you are free to get one as long as you put a book of your own in the shelf, too. Give and take. I didn't bring a book with me so I hadn't had a chance to do so :( I'll be back next week though.

And because Pia and I was so thrilled with Intramuros, we came back the next morning... to bike!

It was P100/hour (student rate). Kinda pricey, but we were still grateful since we were expecting a P300 rate according to their website.

It's been a while since I've biked around! Two years since my good ol' bike gave up, so Bambike's 1 hour was a really fun time for me. And to be biking around the beautiful vintage streets of Intramuros- whoa. We couldn't have picked out a better place to sightsee.

We even went inside Fort Santiago but we weren't allowed to bike beyond the moat. And we weren't allowed to leave the Bambikes as well, so we ticked Fort Santiago off to our Next Time To Go's.

That's pretty much it. Right now I'm back at my home in Cavite, and I can't even visit my high school friends because they are all busy with post-graduation adult tasks. Boooooo! (Just kinda bitter 'cause I chose a 5-year course so I'm not in sync with their schedules. But in truth, I'm in no hurry to do adult tasks myself hahaha)

This is my attempt too at updating the blog as often as possible, while I still can :) Bye for now, though (✿◠‿◠)

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