March so far
Hectic. Yup, that's it. But I can't complain... I love what I'm doing.

First off we've organized a writing prompt contest that's open university-wide. I'm just happy Rain and I got to pioneer this kind of thing. The prompts are even fun: for Week #1 it's "a love letter from one inanimate object to another." The submissions were pretty interesting.

And we've got amazing partners. I'm just happy I've got to be a part of this. We're going to see this through until April.

I'm also part of our organization's ACLE Core Team. And our project is something very close to my heart :)

Acads is 50% depressing. I did fine with Hospi and Management, but those were the easy ones. Pcol and Med Chem 2 though.. sigh. I can't believe I'm already marked as a finalist this early. It was too soon. I don't think I even put up a good fight. And your friends did well... I'll admit it dampened my mood and crushed my self-confidence.

Which makes me question: Am I doing the right thing at the right place and time with the right people? Or is what I'm doing actually toxic for me?

It doesn't help that I recognize the sad truth that I'd rather be taking care of my non-science-related projects than study these aromatic hydroxylation reactions and shit. Lol I have to change that asap because I have my exam tomorrow at 1pm :)))


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Thursday, March 17, 2016
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