2015 in a wrap
First semester of fourth year has come and gone and I've almost nothing to show for it! This is a huge failing indeed. (I tried to sound like Austen there, did it work?)

This should've been written before 2015 ended, but it was in my Drafts for a long time. I'm currently in a love-hate relationship with my blog. It's like a long-distance relationship, 'cause it needs a lot of effort to work out and I'm not really good at maintaining things. I used to be active at least once a month but now... pft. Motivation fizzled out.

Now I'm trying to get back to blogging because I'm already having regrets not documenting last year properly. 2015 was a HUGE year, both good and bad. It was awesome and awful. It was a rollercoaster ride, in all aspects: family, friends, acads, adventures, experiences, the lot.

(Now that I'm reviewing my year, I have to say, 2015 really was a huge year! I've forgotten most of the the first half, and I'm wonderstruck that yup, it all happened in 2015. I guess I'm still adjusting to the acad calendar shift.)

1. First time to be part of an immersion + internship

Amadeo was a real nice experience. We got settled with a foster family, started cooking meals on our own, and helped with barangay responsibilities. It also marked the first time I visited Skyranch Tagaytay, as well as get on the Vikings kind of ride. After nineteen years, I finally had the guts to do so. I think part of my soul's still there, though.

Also, I interned for 200 hours in a community drugstore. It was easy peasy and chill, and I got along well with our pharmacist + assistants there. I also had the chance to interact a lot with the customers (as I directly took orders) which some interns in other drugstores didn't have the chance to, so I'm lucky in a way. I mastered using the sphygmo and glucometer, did cycle counts, helped with deliveries, even decorated the place for its 9th anniversary. Two hundred hours well-spent.

2. First time to attend UP Fair
UP FAIR WAS A BLAST. SERIOUSLY. I POURED IT ALL OUT HERE. This first also came with the realization that at 2am, jeepneys in Manila fly.

3. First time on a(n auctioned) date
My friends bid a date for me. It was a mixture of horribly awkward and surprisingly fun.

4. First time to undergo surgery (just a fifteen-minute excision. Chill.)
I had a cyst at the upper right abdomen part removed last February. I'll not bother you with the icky details.

5. First time to win not one, but two research presentations!

We won Best Visuals and Best Presentation for both 136 and 137, our Instrumentation and Natural Products Analysis series. It was a group effort, but I was part of the team who did and finalized the Powerpoint. We put a lot of effort animating it and stuff. Apparently it was worth it :)

6. First time to live in a condo with some of my best buds
I've been a dorm person since 2nd year 2nd sem until 3rd year. I still can't believe mom allowed me to, but yep, NO MORE CURFEW THIS TIME!!! Also, my roomies are all my batchmates, meaning it's easy to get along.

I love you guys.

7. First time to watch a UAAP basketball game

Because the Maroons were on a winning streak (2-0, which was really rare!), we decided to watch the 3rd game vs UST. Yup you guessed it right Maroons lost HAHAHAHAHA but still, it was the first time that I felt the school spirit in me! I can never solidify with UP as a whole. But UAAP did it. If I felt like that during a basketball game, how much more for cheerdance... (crosses fingers for 2016)

8. First time to go to the MIBF unaccompanied by parents

On their openings days I go to the previous book fairs by myself, but I re-attended on other days with my parents. This time around I didn't. Which is sad because that meant I bought less books :( But I'm still really satisfied with my haul of ten books. Only Gaiman's American Gods remains unfinished, and I'm currently on page 242 :)

9. First time to attend a pageant at SSC-R
We did so to support Jacob, at Carrie's invite. We were the really loud outsiders who didn't care much about being loud. And funnily enough, we didn't even finish the program! HAHAHAHA. Still, the hangout afterwards was ❤

10. First time to be part of the organizing team of a music event

Auscultation made me realize that I do love taking publicity matters to my hands. Sure, there were a lot of pubmats, but... I dunno. It felt different with CHANGE. Maybe because with Auscultation, I was directly involved in it, and I looked at it at something fun. There was something more to be wished for with regards to the venue, but the performances were amazing. I discovered Happy Monday People here. We learned a lot in this event :)

11. First time to party at Tomas Morato

I'm just really looking for a way to insert PROPharm's anniv party here. Heh. It was themed Neon Nights, so there ya go. (I still don't know how much UV radiation I absorbed from that night.)

12. First time to be a major part of the Lantern Parade
This time around we were in charge of making the lantern. I was really grateful for the opportunity because this responsibility led us to solidify the batch bond. We really spent a lot of time together as a batch, making the lantern. And we started as early as APEC break! It broke our hearts when we didn't place, but the college love was too much for us to remain sad about it.

There was this one moment when we were about to have our batch picture taken. But it was too dark... and the next thing I know, upperclassmen and some of the lower batches were pointing to us their phone flashlights just to give us a little bit more light. It was such a touching gesture, you guys. It made me emotional all over again, but really. My heart swelled at that very second. CP people are some of the best in the world.

13. First time to go on a Kapitolyo food trip with friends!!!

This is something memorable! Considering that I just spent less than Php 200 on food yet I was still so full afterwards... gosh. We first considered eating at Maginhawa, but ultimately ended up in Kapitolyo, Pasig. No ragrets. First we ate man sandwiches (split up in 3, because it was big) and ice cream in Mad Mark's; afterwards, we ate slices of several cakes in Lia's Cakes (their avocado cheesecake was TO DIE FOR. The calamansi tea cake was really good too); then for the last stop we ate rice meals (I had BBQ) in Three Sisters Restaurant, which by far is the place with the most satisfying food for a budget.

Later that night I went to Diliman to fetch my HS BFF Gene, and I was nursing a fever by then. Tsk. We did meet a few minutes later, and we just left and headed back to Manila to sleep over at my place. Wait- 14. First time to have a sleepover with Gene!

We got a heart-to-heart talk then. But not before I pried off our unit keys from Brit, who was sound asleep at 5D, Nico and Jack's place. It was funny. Then the following morning we got a haircut, both our first times to do so without our moms. HAHAHA. IT WAS REALLY FUNNY THOUGH because the hairdresser was pretty straightforward- she asked what length I wanted my hair to be, and I said "around here" and pointed below my shoulders, and SNIP. She just cut straight to it. Then she gathered all my hair at the back and shaped it like a V. HAHAHAHAHA at the end we wanted to have our Php 70 refunded, but Lord God. What the hell. We just left and I snipped off Gene's other stray hairs back at the unit HAHAHA.

And... 2015 was pretty much it. Looking back... my God, it was a loaded year. This post is so long, and I guess I did that to atone myself for all those months I didn't blog. =)))

Well, 2016: bring it on!

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