I am so upset that it has been MONTHS since I last updated. This is a record-breaking hiatus :c I've managed to write at least once a month for years, and now it's almost half a year since I last blogged. :(((

No use crying over spilled milk. I think I'm gonna recap my year at the end of 2015... it's actually too bad that I don't get to document what's happening lately, things have been really exciting.

As for today, I just got home from Manila. It's #APEC2015 right now and my usual 2-hour commute doubled because of road closures and whatnot. Talk about #APECfail. I really have no idea how to go home because the expressway was the only way I know and they closed it... I took the train to EDSA then was told that there aren't Coastal jeeps anymore 'cause the road's closed. I asked around and the policeman suggested I ride the "habal-habal" which I have no bloody idea what it is about, and five minutes later I was enlightened. 'Cause someone offered me a motorcycle ride (that's habal-habal for you guys who didn't know, just like me) from EDSA to Coastal mall, which approximately is just two LRT stations away, and I was told the ride was worth Php200... TWO FUCKIN HUNDRED PESOS MY ASS go eat up your bikes I'm not gonna ride with you assholes. Plus who knows where these guys would take me.

I was so mad I went back to the train station with the guy tailing me ("Miss, Php150 na lang! Hindi, Php100 na lang! Sige nga, paano ka uuwi?" Fuck you Mr Barker.) and basically just went back to the station where I originally came from, P. Gil. But not before I saw the convoy along EDSA (saw the Thailand van), and a rally happening in Gil Puyat.

This APEC thing is getting on my nerves.

So yep back to P. Gil and fortunately there's a van going to Dasma. Its route will make me ride another bus but I got no other option so I got on it, plus it was reasonably priced at P70. I think. Because the usual is P50, and it's gonna take a LONG detour around Skyway-Alabang-Las Pinas-Sucat then Bacoor, Cavite.

I got off at mom's workplace in Bacoor hehehe. Happy birthday mommy. You're golden, as always :))

I thought this was gonna be a short update but there ya go, my 4-hour commute rant plus a birthday greeting. This is why I don't blog it actually takes more time than I originally thought it would HAHAHAHHAHAHA but no I love writing anyway and I'm gonna laugh off everything I wrote when I'm 65 years old and browsing the net through my hologram-like tablet, or whatever.

Uh but yeah I still have plenty of school requirements in my to-do list :((( 4 exams for the week plus 2 presentations....... life is cruel

But for now I went home to this...... so life can be cruel but still have a few specks of some good in it

Bye and I hope your lives are better than mine at the moment

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Thursday, November 19, 2015
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