Skyranch-ing in the side
Shhh. }:-)

Seriously, though. The only ride we paid for was the Super Viking and it was my fucking first time to ride that kind of thing. I never rode Anchors Away in EK because I'd rather ride the Space Shuttle, thank you very much, since that's one quick thrilling feeling. AA though, on the other hand, is five minutes in hell. Or so I thought.


I never had the guts to get on extreme rides before, I only gathered my courage now that I'm nearing /clears throat/ twenties. And I figured why the hell not. Plus my daring friends are a great backup.. so yes, this is my first time, and I am more than satisfied. I am fucking fulfilled. It's like every time the ship reaches the peak and is about to go down you get this feeling that you're leaving your soul up there, and you're catching your breath and your soul hasn't returned to you quite yet but then the ship is up again and you're going D O W N again and nah-uh it's never ending. I should be ashamed of the shrieks and faces I've made (the guy who was manning the ride was amused with our batch, he freakin' laughed when we got off) but NO, NO RAGRETS. NO ANYTHING, BECAUSE I SURVIVED THIS THING.

I was laughing real hard at Ronnie too, he was my seatmate, and he kept saying "AYOKO NA! BABABA NA KO! AYOKO NA!" HAHAHAHAHA and Jack at the back (hey that rhymed!!!) kept screaming profanities and Jebb on the other end kept closing his eyes and Emman had the freakin' guts to raise his hands every time. We were a funny set.

Was supposed to go ziplining but it was too expensive :-(

But anyway. Thanks guys for the clingy (and thrilling and adventurous and daring and somehow rebellious) immersion experience!!!

Team Amadeo, assemble!

(P.S. Bought some pasalubong, too. You simply can't leave the Coffee Capital of the country without getting to taste their brews.)

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015
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