Immersion 2015: Amadeo
Guess who's back from an eight-day immersion in Amadeo. (Me. Duh, who else?)

We were deployed in Amadeo, one of the colder and better parts of my home province, and stayed there from June 15-19 and 22-24. Rain, Alexa and Jam were my groupmates and we were assigned in Barangay Talon. This immersion: well, it aims to expose us to the realities of the health care system status in the barangay level. We were also tasked to offer our services to improve what we can in that allotted time period.

Frankly, 8 days seemed too short a time to do accomplish anything lasting or substantial. It's also kind of frustrating because the first few days were wasted because we really didn't know what to do, no matter how many orientations we attended. The objectives weren't clear-cut, and we were told not to view the community as a laboratory or a charity case (the latter restricted us from donating anything). Scouting and assessing the barangay took several days, so that left us less time to actually execute our proposed projects. Plus, no one in our group brought a laptop. And the bulk of the work was creating informative brochures and posters and such.. so yeah.

We did help with the existing projects, though. Feeding programs were on weekdays 4-5pm, so we got to know and bond with the kids- gave them vitamins, played with them, things like that. I also made origami cranes and lilies for them (they loved it). We also started with the proposed herbal garden and bought plants in Tagaytay.

Friday afternoon we went home. That weekend was the most toxic one yet since last sem's exams, because our exit report was on Tuesday.. so that left us only until Monday to execute our projects.

But it went pretty well, especially when the parents/guardians whose kids are part of the feeding program looked really eager to hear what our lecture was regarding the 3C's: Cough & Colds, and Common Drug Misconceptions (these were the most pressing topics from last week's assessment. I didn't know how to relate them so I ended up with the 3C's thing). The latter especially, since many myths were debunked and their inquiries were answered mostly by Ma'am Meg, our preceptor/pharmacy professor. We also learned that forums are much better than lectures since forums engage the audience and the communication is two-sided.

Dr Villanueva, the municipal doctor of Amadeo, did tell us that barangays need to be more assertive when it comes to their health needs. Kumbaga, kung kulang sa budget, ipaglaban nila. I guess the same goes for life in general, right? You fight for your needs. And the barangay officials.. they should fight because it's not for them only, but it's for the welfare of the whole community.

Ma'am Meg says this is the kind of experience she wants us to get acquainted with. If they lectured about it, for example, we probably wouldn't take it to heart. It would be an abstract thing, instead of being able to appreciate it and do something about it.

Thank you for this experience, Brgy Talon!

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