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We went to the National Museum today. By 'we' I meant Alexa, Michael, Jow and I. :-)

It was planned last week. We had nothing better to do with our lives and honestly, I really need to go back to the city because I left my med cert + xray plate at Wendy's where we lunched last week :)) I can't enroll without those. Plus I needed to get some of my stuff back from Michael's, including my labkit. He got it for me before the student council cleaned the lounge.

And museums have always fascinated me (included them in my 2015 goals!). They're like these dim-lighted places filled with surprises, because with artworks you just never know. There's a lot of eccentric pieces out there. Aaaaaand not to mention that for the whole month of June, admission is free here at the National Museum.

You just gotta jump on that chance, man.

The first building, Museum of the Filipino People, didn't have much in it. Most exhibits were under renovation. But it did have this butterfly collection.. there were crickets and locusts too, but I hated those.

So we exited, crossed the street, and entered the National Art Gallery.

The famous Spoliarium by Juan Luna. It won gold in an international contest way back in the late 1800s (thank you, PI 100). I can't help but think about Game of Thrones here, though, what with all the chaos in the Meereenese cockpits.

Did I mention that I loved the colorful gallery walls? I'm gonna name each one after their walls' colors.

So.. this is the Orange Room. It looked like the perfect place for a horror movie.

This is the Red Room. It contained commissioned artworks featuring the flora of the Philippines.

And this is the Green/Teal Room. It's got lots of paintings, and my second-most favorite painting was here, the Dead Girl. Didn't capture it though :c

Now this is my favorite painting, from the Apple Green Room. :))) I don't know. It just reminded me how we all looked in class during hell week.

Alexa and Michael playing the role of art critics. The Blue Room is where Amorsolo's sketches were displayed, and by the time we exited this gallery we were all empowered because some sketches looked doable.

But hats off to our national artist Amorsolo. He can draw hands. That shit's hard (I've tried).

Anyway, we had to go.. because.. *giggles* because of reasons only Michael can give. HAHAHA. He went home and then Jow, Alexa, and I went to Vito Cruz and had lunch at Bagnet 8065. Aka followed soon after.

BAGNET SISIG. IS. THE. ONE. (I know, Pizza, I know. You've been out-throned.)

Then we went on to Exile on Main St., and ordered their brownie a la mode (Jow had their apple pie). IT WAS SWEET, GOOEY CHOCOLATEY HEAVEN, GUYS. :(((( I'm drooling just thinking about it. I swear, it's the best brownie I've had. I'm really going back there. The places Jowela knows.. my god. It's a mini-food adventure and I've loved every single minute of it. (I didn't have pictures for two reasons: one, I can't wait to dive in BECAUSE WHO CAN WAIT A MINUTE LONGER WHEN THE GOODIES ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU; and two, I think in this particular place I'm going to be judged if I whip out my old model of a digicam just to take pictures of a brownie).

That's it. Guess you can never go wrong with art and food ❤

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