Finals drama + sleepover with the squad
Life has been a real downer lately, even before finals arrived. And I like to think that the universe and I came to a mutual understanding on what my fate should be this finals week.

Universe: Hey, Caye. You've been through a lot of depressing shit lately, I think I ought to give you a break.
Universe: Nah but I'm not handing it to you on a silver platter.
Me: Huh???????

And that's exactly how my week went. Like I chronicled here, I've been restless (and sleepless) lately, thriving on overpriced coffee I can probably make myself, and spending late nights cramming at Coreon.. which actually turned out to be worth it. I survived that wave of exams and the next thing I know I'm waiting for exemption lists. I was exempted in 4 out of my 5 finals, but I didn't find out immediately because the exemption lists were released a day before the scheduled exam. Ain't it sweet.

Take 196 (Stat) for example. Final was scheduled on Thursday 7:45am, exemption list was released Wednesday 2pm. It's not even a 24-hour window!!! And.. well, my name was NOT on that list, much to my bitterness. I know for a fact that my lecture exams averaged were confidently above the exemption cutoff, but I'm bothered with the laboratory component. I thought hey, if I'm not exempted then I must have screwed up real bad at the lab practicals.. and apparently I did.

So Coreon, again, Wednesday afternoon. I think I studied less and mercilessly downloaded TV episodes more (HTGAWM bitchez) since the wifi there's pretty decent. Then around evening, exemption list for AnaPhysio was released and I kinda screaked (that's a combination of scream + squeak. And yes I invented it) because MY NAME WAS THERE!!! HOORAY!!! I didn't expect it, I was actually studying the first exam coverage already. 112 finals was Thursday afternoon (NOT A 24-HOUR WINDOW TOO), so yeah. Just in the nick of time. If I'd be taking the exam I dunno how I'd study for that lol

I got home 6am, took my Stat final, then before noon I found out I was also exempted in MedChem. After that I impulsively went home to Cavite to join my HS squad's sleepover :))) I know, I was ranting about it last time. But that was because I thought I couldn't join them. AND NOW I COULD!!! OH YEAH!!! THANK YOU MA'AM LETLET!!!

When I got to Trixie's I couldn't help but catch up on some zzz though ;-;

Thank you EJ for patronizing me.

While I was asleep they marinated and fried chicken. I'm missing all the fuuuuuun but oh well. I was running on two hours of sleep, man.

Had dinner and caught up with these guys. Lyca and I are actually fine, I was just being too touchy last time :)) I'll never joke about reunions again, I always end up being the wounded one :)) Carrie was very much the same, always the loudly funny one. EJ the snarky one. Me the one laughing along and slow to get the joke. And Trixie.. Trixie's going to Korea this June!!! I'm so happy for her. It's a student exchange program, but she also paid some amount for the program and the air fare and everything.

We swam for a bit when it was 9pm. Afterwards we snacked and chatted again. Lyca was the first one knocked out come late night =)) I played Cooking Fever for a bit (guys it's addicting) then I was asleep too.

But not before this weewoop

The next morning... I found out I was exempted in Analytical Chem too. YAYYYY NO PRESSURE TO GO BACK TOMORROW TO MANILA!!! Bought pizzas for these guys on the way home, then Lyca and I headed off. She has an appointment with her dentist, and I need to go home because I have all my stuff with me from my dorm.

I missed these guys (jejejeje). Six months since I last saw them, but it's funny, 'cause every time we meet again it feels like nothing changed.

I know, cliche. But cliches became cliches for a reason :)

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Saturday, May 30, 2015
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