Where's the fun in doing what you're told
(I realized that this was a messy post. So I'm going to do what I do best: bullets!)

  • When I said I saw my immediate future.. well, my prediction was slightly overkill. But I did survive the past weeks, and managed to spend some quality family time in between.

    Happy birthday, Gelo!! Visited Las Piñas on the 12th and basically just goofed around. I played Call of Duty for the first time, with my brother, and long story short I was a shrieking machine who got killed off by dogs. Ugh, I coulda died a heroic death BUT NO I GOT KILLED OFF BY CANINES. WOW.

    Well, at least I found my one true love.

    I found the One. #mayforever #vscocam

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  • Got back to school after that weekend to wrap up the campaign period. Did I mention our slate won? :)) I LOVE YOU, CHANGE! Everything was worth it, from the sleepless nights to the countless online campaigns and even props-making.. but it's just the start. Let's make the next academic year the best one yet. You know you have us supporting you guys, always.

  • Also, thank you Zad!!! (He treated us to Max's hehehe) Happy happy birthday!!! I think your birthday was part of CHANGE's lucky charm.
  • This past week was incredibly chill, in comparison with the campaign weeks + incoming weeks huhu. At least I somehow enjoyed it, and resulted to some productivity. Recently too I've been hanging out with Nico + Zad + Jack + Brit. They're the ultimate study buddies, it's kinda effective because I'm awake 90% of the time when I'm studying with them HAHAHA (though we failed studying when we stayed over at Zad's). It also feels nice being around them. These guys are the tightest bunch I've ever met, and they never made me feel out of place. On the contrary, they were very welcoming. Like over the weekend when we were at Zad's, they were planning to watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron and I happened to be at the same room when they were discussing it. In the end we (J+N+Z+me) four watched it yesterday at the MOA IMAX :))

    That was around 8:45PM, right after our IP 142 lec class. And can I just say.. IT WAS EPIC!!! Not as epic as the first, but still. I loved it. I was laughing most of the time, the Avengers all have a sense of humor as deadly as their combat powers. Plus Aaron Taylor-Johnson was there so yes ❤

    After that we just strolled around and rode the MOA Eye. I was frozen all the way up, because really, I'm not the biggest fan of heights out there. I kinda relaxed when we were descending from the peak. Jack and Zad also rode the.. I forgot the name of the ride HAHA but they were being swirled up high for around three minutes. It was fun watching them scream and stuff, ask Nico :))))))

  • Well, on the downside, there are sad times too. Got a friend who's going through a gradual heartbreak. Sigh. Dear friend, we just want you to be happy again. Go do whatever you feel would lead you to that, we're just here.

    I actually feel guilty because I'm running out of words to say, and I'm not the type of person who deals with drama well. I'm very confrontational and straightforward because I don't like dealing with stuff that are too emotionally draining. When I got problems, I tell it straight so I can settle it with the people involved. So this.. I'm not very capable of saying the right things. I'm not good in this aspect, because all I can advise is talk frankly.

  • Ahhhhh I don't know. I've got acads to worry about too. :(

Tomorrow we've got an outreach program to attend to. I have to be chipper come morning. Good night :)

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Saturday, April 25, 2015
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