Wrapping up our school paper's features section. THREE PAGES' WORTH OF ARTICLES, MAN. I thought I was gonna die. I survived, though. With the help of downloading OPM songs + reading a new manga Janina suggested, lol.

I'm really proud of how the features section came out to be. It used to be full of factual stuff; news that were written in a novel way. I remember the first article I wrote for our paper: it was about the unpleasant smell in the tambayan area and what kind of chemicals that might be causing them. HAHAHA. Not really proud of it, but I tried to combine factual with comical. I don't think I succeeded, though.

The kind of vision I have for the features page now that I'm co-editor is full of contemplative and expressive things, not to solely stick with relevant issues.. Because I think we have enough of those in the news and column section. In features I kinda want to show the artistic side of Pharmacy students, that we can write poems and short stories and make people laugh and cry and all kinds of other bizarre stuff through our writings.

Vox Pop is also really funny. I meant CP's responses. I was compiling them just a few minutes ago and the answers were really diverse. The questions were (serious) "As USC Chair/UPPhA President, what one project would you like to be remembered by?" and (chill) "What is the most unforgettable moment this Bulagaan 2015?" =)))

I myself have an unforgettable moment during Bulagaan, but I think I'd keep that to myself. :) Though I know it won't do good remembering it... sigh. $*(@ you for giving such a memorable quote, I'd rather you didn't. 'Cause I don't think I'll look at you the same way ever again.

I'm mumbling nonsense now. Plus I ought to sleep... dad's silently seething lately at my messed up sleep patterns. Not to mention that when I am awake I'm just in front of my laptop O___O Ugh. Good night!

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Sunday, April 05, 2015
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