Jack's birthday treat!!!
I cannot sum up how happy I was with our adventure to Malolos. Happy 20th, Jack!!! Thank you for bringing us there. ❤

We stayed at Jack's on the night of the 31st, commuting from Manila at around 6pm. Bulacan is actually kind of gorgeous (or maybe because I've only seen Malolos). Glimpsed Barasoain Church and Malolos Cathedral, too.

Aaaaand brace yourselves-
they have a pool. In their house. It's not even a resort (or is it?) but whoa. Jack's mom also looks youthful, it's amazing. #goals lol she looks like their eldest sibling :))) We also got to meet Pie!!! Cutie Pieeeee huhu I want to rub her furry belly again.

(I realized this would be a personal post- not on my account, but Jack's. HAHA. Love you friend)

The party started right after we arrived. There was karaoke and I was kinda forced to sing first. Chasing Pavements i cri ;-; I made the mistake of uploading a Soundcloud cover when I was a freshman and they all remembered + teased me for it, even now, two years later. I obliged though (happy birthday Jack T__T lol). It wasn't my jam ever since they started teasing me about it lol but I did sing a lot other songs afterwards... :)) I secretly love karaoke. It just takes me a while to warm up. :)) I ain't hogging though haha. Brit + Nico were amazing! I guess we found the next Mr and Ms Pharm :))

Dinner was awesome!!! They make the best sisig, omg it was the best I've ever tasted. Lengua, too. And then.. well, sang a few more songs and drank a few drinks. Then we changed and went for a swim in the pool :) We played Jenga too, which Pia brought along. Wish everyone was a little less sober because it would be more of a challenge HAHA but yeah we played real well. Brit, especially!! We all thought it was the end of the world but she managed to pull off that one block.

We slept at around 3am, though the rest got knocked down earlier.

Nico left early, around 8am, because he had to go home to Bicol. He was gone when we woke up, which was 9am, I think. We had breakfast and guess what we did afterwards? A bit of cards and Heads Up and then sleep again. HAHA. It was hot, too, so we got nothing better to do. Then 1pm we took off, for real.

What else can I say? It was amazing. I'll say it again a thousand more times (lol kidding that would be exhausting) but you get my point. I felt kind of heavy, returning to the city. It's hard going back to routine when you've escaped in the best way, even if it was just for a little while.

So I guess.. Jack, thank you for this memorable treat :) To be honest, I wouldn't have left if I didn't have to. #sepanx

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