Hi this'll be real quick because I'm going to hurry back to my dorm in... six minutes?

Anyway went to Enchanted Kingdom today, because the company where mom works is celebrating its 70th anniversary, so employees + dependents are free of charge, ride-all-you-can.

It's so weird because the last time I visited this place is when I was in grade school, maybe when I was eight or nine. And now that I've returned the place feels... small. I guess when you're a kid everything seems so big and so grand from your tiny, little glassy eyes. The illusion was shattered today. It's kinda sad, because I loved that illusion. Growing up sucks sometimes.

Guess how many rides I took?
One. Which I queued for half an hour, with Karen (my college friend, whose dad is a biggie in the company).
Guess which ride I took??????????


It was my first time and GDI GUYS I LOVE THIS DAY
There were what, 3 loops? And once you went through the first round, you'll go back IN REVERSE. Like getting sucked back in. THAT WAS THE SCARIEST PART because I always felt the sensation of HOLY SHIT I AM GOING TO FALL OFF THIS COASTER. But I never do and I think NO I REALLY WILL FALL but I don't and this cycle happens in my head for eight more times. Until the ride is finally over.

I was practically screaming my head off the whole time, and I am not embarrassed. It was exhilarating. Karen had her eyes closed which took out the most fun part because you can practically see the heavens at the topmost part. Seriously. The first three seconds after getting to the steepest part, and getting released is the scariest three seconds of my life. Which happened twice because there were two rounds.

I don't know why I am babbling so much about a rollercoaster ride but I think when you lose your soul someplace it deserves a post like this

Met up with Raissa afterwards and walked around. I decided not to queue for another ride because they were sooooo long and the rides were not worth it. Not as worthy as Space Shuttle. Every ride seemed trivial after riding the Space Shuttle O__O Plus we had to get home early for gramps' birthday. So I bade them goodbye at around 2pm.


I think it's a bargain at P160.

Aaaaaand then. Went home for lolo's 79th birthday. The cousins were there except my favorite troopers Gelo + Kerstan. I miss them, actually. Their dad boarded the ship last Feb 13 and their visits temporarily stopped. They do when tito Boyet's here.

Still, it was a great afternoon. I'm pretty full.. I had two slices of pizza, a bowl of pansit malabon and a cup of ice cream HEHEHEHE

That's it, guys. Tomorrow is another school day so... adieu :))

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Sunday, March 15, 2015
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