Nineteenth + Bulagaan
My birthday this year was real chill. No exams (Physical Pharm got cancelled, hooray!) and, well.. things were okay, because the day before (March 25th) was The Colloquium. So my birthday had that post-event relaxation feels to it.

Oh and I got to meet Eros Atalia, Ramon Bautista and Manix Abrera a day before my birthday...

The Colloquium core team gave me a RR chocolate mousse cake (yay thank you guys!!!). I was sort-of part of the team, in a way, because I was in charge of the publicity materials. Posters and logos and stuff. I was kinda stressed with their instant deadlines and I let them know that hahaha but we're okay now, and I guess the cake was a mixed sorry + thank you + happy birthday kind of gift. And btw I don't even know how they knew mousse was my favorite ;-; Maybe it was a happy coincidence but really, thank you guys :') (Also, we ate the mousse during Physical Pharm lec hahahaha. That was, after they sang me a happy birthday and I blushed real hard and Ma'am Ethel teased me about it.)

Jack and Zad gave me a mini red velvet cake, too. :3 And Alexa + Pia + Raissa gave me some kind of red owl containing jellies hahaha. I love you guys.

Dad + mom + Alwin surprised me too! I thought it was just dad who drove to Manila that night. I asked about mom and he said "she has the morning shift tomorrow, sorry" so I was like "awww okay" then when we were walking halfway through Kenny's, he suddenly led me to where mom and Alwin were standing. The theatrics. It felt nice, us four dining out when I least expected it.

So there goes my first day, being nineteen.

Two days later on the 28th would be Bulagaan, our college event held at GSP Auditorium. It's kinda grand, considering how everyone prepared for this. Mr and Ms Pharm was held and all batches were really competitive, even the freshies. I'm proud of our college! That night was proof of everyone's blood, sweat and tears to make that night as unforgettable as it could be. You can see how each batch, each faculty department, each organization was dedicated and solid in what they do.

I actually danced onstage to Uptown Funk HAHA but for only one fleeting minute. I was at the back, too, 'cause if otherwise I might've outshined everyone else :/

I never was a dancer, period.

Zad and Vanna, our batch's candidates, were 1st runners-up!!! So proud of these guys. We were this close, but the 5th years were just amazing. We were fire and they were water (this year's theme was Elementrics: 1 - Air, 2 - Earth, 3 - Fire, 4 - Metal and 5 - Water) so I guess being beaten by water is logically acceptable :))) Plus their labgowns, their performance.. whoa. No words.

Treated some of my friends to McDonald's. That BFF Bundle hurt so much because I didn't eat any fries :( :( :( And we ended up not finishing them. Haha. Kind of a waste. But that night was spent with the best people so I guess that makes up for it. (Forgot to call Jack and Zad though huhu and to think they were the hungriest after Bulagaan. :(( I'll make it up to these two someday)

I can never forget each faculty department's performance. IP Dept was Summer and omg our profs were singing and dancing (and rapping to Starships, if you can imagine) their hearts out, never mind being off-key HAHAHAHAHAHA it was the best. Pharm Chem were Disney-themed and we got to see Maleficent and Elsa and Jack Frost and Olaf and Red Riding Hood and... I dunno... the Chandelier kid HAHAHA gosh the most unforgettable would probably be Ma'am Jot's using baby powder at the Let It Go chorus to imitate the snow coming from Elsa's hands :))))))))) Then Pharm... oh, Lord. They only used an AVP but it was too damn funny, too. They imitated Skyfall, with Sir Bang being Bond. What's funny is how it's obvious they filmed around CP HAHAHA but it really looked like a legit music video/trailer. And there was one time when the board from the ceiling actually gave way... like, a literal skyfall haha. (Also shows how ugly and worn-down our college is. #budgetcut)

PROPharm also won best performance!!! WOOHOO!!! Ate Ria's the best, man. She choreographed the whole thing with ate Paula and it was really amazing, we were themed Technology. The number actually had a story, much like Sayaw Manila.

Special mention to Luis (left-most), one of the main men of the night!!! He also did a same day edit, btw. I don't know how he did it but he was awesome.

That was iiiiiit. Yet I think I didn't do justice to those two epic days haha.

uh yeah we out

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