And March is here
I'm really envying my other friends because they are nearing the end of their semester. While for us, it's barely midsem. And the hell weeks are just starting.

Well, we're into the second week of March. (Happy Women's Month! Today's Women's International Day, too. :D)

Last week was super busy. Pharmalympics was on Saturday, Feb 28th, and it was a Game of Thrones edition. Freshies + seniors and super seniors made up the Targaryens, 2nd years and admin the Lannisters, and 3rd (that's us!) and 4th years the Starks. I was part of the core team, because the Public and Media Relations Committee headed this event. Ate Wen and I headed the Board Games (YES, THAT COUNTS). To be honest it was actually a lot of work. There were 5 board games: Scrabble, Game of the Generals, Word Factory, chess and Jenga (!!!). And we were the only two people assigned to watch over that. I don't know why the Logistics Committee didn't give us more people. I was scorer for Scrabble and goddamn, my batchmate Rosewynn topped everyone off. Such awe. She, like, scored 64 points in one turn. She even manages to put the Q's and J's in triple letter scores. Like whoa. In the end (championship) it was Lannisters vs Starks. TALK ABOUT ACCURACY WITH THE BOOKS. I went home early so I didn't witness the deciding game, which was Dragon's Tail. It's actually a hardcore game, everyone takes the miscellaneous games seriously (especially Dodgeball Extreme and Dragon's Tail). Someone even got hurt lol. In the end, the Lannisters won. We were this close to defending our title!! Oh well.

The next day, we watched Sayaw Manila 11: Arturo (congrats, UPM Indayog!) at the Star Theater on March 1st, and it was amazing. It's my second time to watch SM. Arturo was great, but last year's, 10Q, will always be the best for me so far. I will never forget Queen, Quizzes, Qiyeme, and of course Queso. My Arturo favorites though would be Digital Art, Painting, Theater, and Music (!). I've also discovered a new favorite dance group to watch out for, TPM! They danced to UDD's Kulang. The music is catchy enough, but for them to dance to it and interpret it into something so graceful... So. Much. Love ♥

We had two exams that week, too. HEHEHEHE
I'm also turning 19 in a few days. It kind of sucks, because in another year I won't be a teen anymore and the weight of life responsibilities is hinting to drop on my shoulders anytime soon. But I'm looking forward to more adventures. I wish I could do all the things I want to do as a teenager before my time being one runs out.

Acads are... well, subpar as of the moment. I'm doing something wrong, I know it. I think I'm losing the drive to study hard. I've developed a strong yolo attitude in the past weeks (I always go home late, it's alarming) and that's not good, so I'm trying to make up for it in the following weeks. I have to get back on track.

(This is us trying to be productive)

I just blabbed again. Aaaaand it's lunch time so.. that's it bon appetit

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