The Aftermath of an Excision
I was feeling brave because I already saw my brother undergo an excision, but I never knew that the aftermath was much worse.

So the icky details of this is that last last week, I found out that I had a lump in my anterior chest, at the epigastric area (so nice to finally use the words I learned from AnaPhysio, lol). When we consulted our physician, it was a sebaceous cyst. Yuck. And I had to have it removed because it's infected, making it hurt when pressure is applied on it. Well, good thing I have a health card, but Fortune Care kinda sucks because it actually took two weeks for us to get the papers straight and the excision scheduled. But anyway.

It took twenty minutes, tops. The only part that hurt was the first one, when they injected anesthesia (Lidocaine). After that I closed my eyes because I'd rather not see what shenanigans they are doing to me. It felt all rubbery to me. There was also some sucking machine that I heard. I did peek once, and I saw some forceps holding a needle and it felt like they were tugging my rubber skin and I realized oh my God they're stitching me so I closed my eyes again. And never opened them until it was clear.

There was some gel at the back of my knees too. I asked the nurse what that was for, and she seemed surprised that I asked but she said it was to prevent electric shock (?). The icky thing they removed will be biopsied and I hope to God that it isn't cancerous or something. I'm freaking eighteen for Pete's sake. And if I'm going to die early then why the hell am I punishing myself studying pharmacy in UPM. loljk I AM KIDDING

Well the aftermath is that it pricks. A lot. And I have to be careful, else the wound will open and that's really bad. I have three stitches and I'll be back next week to have one removed and the next next week to have the two others removed. I'm taking antibiotics and some painkillers.

Why am I telling you this ugh
Back to school tomorrow, back to dorm today.. so pray for me :(((

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Sunday, February 01, 2015
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