Review: Photobook Philippines
Guess what arrived in the mail yesterday.


Because I chose Standard Shipping, it took 14 days for me to have my photobook. I tracked my order every now and then every day and found out it was shipped 4 days after I uploaded my photobook layout. I guess it's the customs and all that delayed my photobook's arrival. Also, I paid an additional P100 to PhilPost, even though I already paid for the shipping fee (P130) at PBWW.

My photobook was a 40-page 6x6 Mini Square Softcover. I got this deal where they sold this kind of photobook for P89.00. Yep, I didn't mistype it. I only bought this photobook for eighty-nine pesos. What a bargain, right?

As for the cover, it's weird 'cause it's a bit thinner than the pages itself. I wish it was made of some thicker paper, or the same as that of the pages'. As for the inside.. well. I got what I layouted.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to quality. Some of my photos are just grabbed from Facebook, and they looked completely okay (some even looked like they were HQ!). The colors, the brightness of the photos, everything- nothing deviated from what I layouted.

I designed from scratch and used their software, 'cause the online one scares me (what if I forgot to save it? What if I lost my net connection? Will I start over again? That's the kind of paranoia I was having). If you don't like layouting from scratch, PBWW has some "Readybooks" where there are ready-made templates, and all you have to do is drag and drop your photos to the designated picture boxes.

I'm really happy at how my photobook turned out to be. It was a 2014 roundup, going through each month and what happened to me, and at the very end I listed some firsts I had last year. It's really nice. I showed it to my family and they were fond of it (that's why the cover didn't look as flat as it was the first time I opened it- it was flipped a lot already).

Tips on layouting your photobook:
1. Set aside at least a half-inch (better if it's an inch) from the spine when you're designing. Don't put important photos and text in there, it can hardly be viewed. In the family photos I always end up in that part and.. I really don't like opening the photobook to the extremes just to see my face.
2. Always fill in the bleed area. That's the space between the blue and red lines. If you don't, there's a chance of white space that may show when they trim your pages. I wouldn't put important stuff there though.
3. Use HQ photos as much as possible, if you're filling in a whole page (or spread). Facebook photos are okay when the frames are small.
4. You may opt to leave the very first page blank.
5. Journal a bit! Having some text is great. It also makes the photobook much more personal than it already is.
6. I've only read these online, but if you're gonna order the larger, hardcover ones, I think you ought to buy more pages because it looks kinda weird if it's just 40. Try looking for other reviews online if hardcover/debossed ones are what you're planning to buy. :)
7. This is not about layouting, but I suggest you sign up to PBWW's mailing list. I got some amazing offers there (like a free photobook... *wink*).

I'm gonna look for more deals. Creating excites me :)
Thank you, Photobook Philippines!

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