Just a quick roundup
Last week was THE. ABSOLUTE. BEST.

I went to the UP Fair (Press Play Tuesday and Free Fall Friday) and I have never made a better decision. It's hard to describe the euphoria I felt there on both days.

Tuesday: highlights would be Rivermaya, Parokya ni Edgar and the surprise guest Abra, and of course- HALE. Hale, the pulling force of this night for me. The band I've listened to since fourth grade, the band whose lyrics I had memorized by heart, the band who always finds a place in my playlists, the band that made me start caring about music in the first place.

The band who broke my heart when they disbanded way back in 2010.

And now they're back together and of course I couldn't miss an opportunity like this. Because Tuesday night- that night, that night was almost a decade in the making.

Forgive me for sounding too emotional but it really was, for me. After that I wrote a 1317-word journal entry about that night, because I told myself that it would be a sin if I let time wash away all I saw and felt that night.

Friday: it was tiring and draggy. It really was. The only real pulling force for that night was Up Dharma Down, and they were the last to perform. That was around 2am. We tried getting to the front row but we were really sleepy and the bands prior to UDD didn't energize us much (except for Cueshe) that we just walked and strolled around and ate and when UDD finally came up we were at the back, away from the crowd, but nevertheless still having UDD in sight. I first saw them perform at Gilas Pharma and that was an amazing night, too, but this- at 2am, with my friends, and fireworks- it was otherworldly. The fireworks started when Tadhana was wrapping up, but the explosions spread and scattered more when Turn It Well began.

I could never describe that moment other than "infinite."

Ate Thea was beside me and she agreed and we were both amazed by what's happening so we just savored that. And we sang along. Of course we know those lyrics.

We packed up by 2:30am (Michael and I quote, "Nothing good happens after 2am!" but we had to make tonight an exception). And see, another amazing thing: jeepneys fly at night in Manila. Seriously. The trip barely took half-an-hour. And the city was quiet and dark and it kind of scared me because it feels... I dunno, mysteriously profound? I dozed off a bit too.

Slept over at Raissa's, with Alexa. I woke up by 8:30 and we surprised Raissa's roommates 'cause we crashed there lol but it was okay, they were all our classmate-friends anyway. I went home, dorm first then home to my province after that.

I will try my hardest not to remember this week being stressful (only slept an average of 4 hours a day, twice because of UP Fair-7am classes, and the rest because I was cramming requirements). Though it did take its toll on my body... Sunday I got my BP checked (went back to the hospital to have my excision wound checked, and it was part of the routine) and it was 80/50 topped with bradycardia (low heart rate) :o My nurse checked twice and she said it was a miracle that I didn't pass out. I'm on iron supplements right now. And I'm better, I got my BP checked yesterday and it's 100/60. That's usually my normal BP.

That was it. I just had to blog about this. :-)

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015
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