An awkward turtle's first date
This is gonna sound extraordinary. You've been out on a date?!? So before jumping to conclusions let me clear the air: we were both set up. By my friends. And my organization. Ha ha ha ha funny circumstances.

Truth is he's been auctioned (much like Flipped's Basket Boys, geddit?) and I was absent that time and my friends bid on him, for me. And when I got back, they were like oh hey we got you a date. Don't I have the most supportive friends ever (landi-wise) :)))

And I tried my hardest not to think about it because, let's face it, awkward people will be awkward. I was expecting the worst. Like I'd stay quiet for hours and not say anything and eventually, that night'll be labeled in the Guinness Book of World Records as "World's Worst Date Ever." But anyway. On the day itself, I busied myself with Physical Pharm (toxic lab day ugh we were monitors) plus I held a mini-GIMP workshop at our org tambayan, and then whoosh it was 6pm and Lara and I were there and the guys arrived and we set off (ON A CAB. WOW) to Vito Cruz, at Ichiro.

It was a Japanese place. Leave it to me to fumble with chopsticks because I don't know how to use them. I did try once at Ajisen Ramen but Chopsticks 101 is an art, guys. It takes practice. But to be honest, we were both really talkative. I think there were two or three awkward silences but other than that it was pretty okay. I kinda realized two things in the end though: 1) I keep redirecting the conversation back to him and 2) all we talked about were acads and some family stuff and by the end of it we didn't know each other's favorite movies and artists and that kind of stuff. And that's bad because... our chaperons challenged us (Lara + V, me and him)...... to Couple Wars. (cue Beethoven's Symphony 5)

Rules: chaperon asks questions, and we should write our answers plus what the other person's answers might be in a sheet of paper. i.e. favorite color? Where we live? Etc. etc. and we have to get the other person's answer correctly. It was extra fun 'cause we started trash-talking one another (Lara is excellent at this loljk love you girl) HAHAHA but in the end guess who won guys: WE DID. AWYEAH.

And then we were left to our own devices. By the way, did I mention we were already in a cafe by this time? The place was so fancy and nice, they have cubicles and low tables and pillows instead of tables and chairs and I dunno, it felt so comfy there. It was 9pm when we played Couple Wars. Then we decided to play Heads Up (paper version) and I gotta give it to Lara and V, they were the most creative people ever. They made me hum Careless Whisper (and M guessed Hayden Kho HAHAHAHAHAHA wtf) and made him hum We Are All God's Children and UP Naming Mahal :)))

11pm and we were worried 'cause the guys are from QC. It would be at most a two-hour trip. So we called it a night :) I slept over at Pia's 'cause I went beyond my dorm's curfew. ALSO. ON OUR WAY TO THE CONDO MY BAG WAS OPENED WHEN WE WERE CROSSING TAFT AVENUE. LIKE WTF. The four of us were just talking about this when we were back in the cafe. But thankfully nothing got stolen because duh I don't put valuables in my backpack's small and frontmost pocket. I think I placed napkins there, though. I felt some tugging and I turned around and there's this scumbag bitch who immediately put her hand away and I felt my backpack's frontmost pocket open and wow, I really saw red that time. I wanted to slap the napkins in her face. Instead I just said loudly, "Take care of your bags everyone" over and over again and Lara and Jeng and Ysa and Donna were worried and we changed into a protective squad formation.

I can't believe I survived the night. And that I actually enjoyed the date. I thought it would be painfully embarrassing- and it was, but not as severe as I thought it'd be. It's also handy 'cause I took note of some things I should and shouldn't do on a date. And I know there wouldn't be a part two because let's face it, we were both being polite :))) But really, to be honest, I had the best time. No regrets. And when I woke up this morning I still can't believe that last night turned out to be okay.

When I got to school though I got tired of the "how was your date?" questions like wow guys. How come you're updated. Also let me just clarify that I never was the popular girl aka Regina Jones, but I am the object of mockery and teasing most of the time since high school. So people kept asking me how last night was to amuse themselves and watch me slowly blush. Which is not cool.

That was it. And now I will end this post like awkward turtles normally do which is by typing
... ok
Thanks and bye

(On another note we were taught how to do CPR this morning and practiced it on a dummy [every one of us, yeah. Wiped the dummy's plastic sheet-covered mouth with alcohol each turn. I don't know why I'm telling you this]. Considering I wasn't formally instructed ever before GUYS IT WAS COOL)

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