This never gets old
rant #1
Aaaaaand we're back to the routine. By routine I meant the scrapping-versions-of-what-I-do-because-they-wanted-something-specific-that-I-wasn't-notified-about routine. :( Sigh x41894

rant #2
Being a copyreader is all about compromise. I dunno :))) There are a lot of writers out there who don't want too much change. I'm glad when we get to end up agreeing which version we should consider final, though. It's the getting there that's hard, struggling which words to keep and which ones to shed throw away. I changed my mind, this ain't a rant- I'm learning a lot from here.

rant #3
The Php89 photobook promo is over :( :( :( I thought I had until May. But it was sold out so fast T-T I'm wishing it goes back up again.

rant #4
lol when did I ever feel like going to school. But yeah first week in and we already have reading assignments and quizzes and reagent preparations and ugh life sucks

* * *

rave #1
Finished ordering my 6x6 softcover photobook!!! It's in queue for printing. Can't wait to see it in the flesh!!

rave #2
So amazed with the word queue. I mean some guy (Mr Webster?) managed to add four more letters to the first one and it ends up sounding the same.

rave #3
I LOVE THE COLD WEATHER :3 Great excuse to wear colorful socks. Hehehez

rave #4
I finally have a PayPal account!!! And my own ATM ha ha (to u rich kids don't burst my bubble here) I get to smoothly shop for things online now hehehe for things like, I don't know, photobooks and photo prints??? :) :)

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Saturday, January 24, 2015
@ 22:31