Start the year right
It is extremely difficult to find a day when all six of us are free. But today it happened, and we all had a great time. WHOOP WHOOP missed my high school buddies so much!

Playing hostess was kind of crazy and fun. We had dinner at our house and ate outside, and the breeze was so cold that I had to get some jackets for them. It was funny 'cause the girls were wearing shorts, and we were really cold in consequence.

At first it was just the six of us (Trixie + Carrie + Lyca + Ciara + EJ), then Kiel, Kim and Agatha asked us to go out with them, maybe dinner at someplace. We invited them instead in our little get-together. They arrived at around 9pm :))) It was mostly chatting and laughing and stuff, we got updated with each other's lives (as well as other people's.. lol).

There's not much to say, only it was really fun spending Friday night with your favorite people in the world. The absolute best.

Happy new year!

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Friday, January 02, 2015
@ 23:35