Goal-setting for 2015
People will probably hate me for doing this. I know, sometimes New Year's resolutions turn out to be total bullshit, but that depends on you. Maybe you're not the goal-setter kind of person. Maybe you set goals that are impossible to accomplish (like what I did last 2014). Maybe you just don't try hard enough (like what I did last 2014, too).

That said, I'm going to continue setting goals for myself. I'm all the more proud for not eating any chips, soda, and fries last year (fries made it so hard. *sobs* but yay, I did it!). And I liked that, it gave me some sense of accomplishment. No matter how small it seemed.

I'm going to keep following #1 for... the rest of eternity. I'm very tempted to remove fries there, though, but that removes the challenge. As for #2, this is in line with my Goodreads Reading Challenge, so hooray! I'm twice as motivated. I'm worried though because acads will prove to be stressful, again, so 24 books seem to be a lot. But then again, I read 26 books on 2014 and that was a very stressful year acads-wise. So we'll see.

For you to get #3, you have to understand that I am not a girly-girl when it comes to fashion. I don't wear dresses nor skirts.. EVER. Unless I'm forced to, like when attending debuts or some fancy/corporate-like event. So #3 may be the hardest goal I've set for myself yet. (My friends/classmates are gonna laugh at me for this one... they had a bet once [which I lost to] and in consequence, they're really waiting for me to show up sometime in a dress, at school)

And I think my favorite goal would be #4. Because it's a fine line between accomplishable/non-aacomplishable (is that even a word?!). I really, really want to go visit museums and galleries, but I find myself making excuses not to. So maybe 2015's the year of me saying yes and just going for it. Also, bonus points if I get to go alone. I don't think I'd really appreciate museums and art galleries if I'm with someone else. Or at least he/she should be someone I'm really comfortable to be with, because I get really touchy and daydream-y when I focus into history or art. So that means I'm not definitely taking my brother with me. (Or maybe I will, just for kicks, and we'd laugh at the stuff we see. Will probably reserve this for queer/weird/fun/casual spots)

It's never too late to set goals. And I don't see anything wrong with it either. I mean, we set goals so we can be better persons, right? We just have to keep trying and I guess that's what's important.

2015, I hope you turn out to be awesome.

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Saturday, January 03, 2015
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