Christmas in 3 days!
How are you guys? Are you feeling the Christmas spirit? ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ☀️

I'm feeling so festive ever since we started attending the Misa de Gallo. And this is the first time we've actually committed to attending all 9 masses and I'm glad we did because it feels nice and... right. We all have plans for every day (mom has work, dad has errands, my brother and I have... hangouts lol) but we make time so we can attend together (either at 4am or 8pm, whichever was more convenient).

Also, I've decided upon this: compartmentalization. I'm putting all my problems in a secret box inside my heart and they're there, yes, but they're locked up and I'm not opening them until the holidays are over. Good thing the problems aren't that big of a deal, because otherwise I wouldn't be able to lock them up in the first place :-) Things will get better, I know it.

Nothing much to update, except I've been out and about with high school friends... went out with Trixie and EJ on the 19th, then Genevieve on the 20th. It was so nice catching up with them. ALSO! Mom bought me three things out of my wishlist: a new cardigan, colored socks, and.. black boots! My first ever pair of boots. *o*

I know what you're thinking. This girl's so pathetic, getting excited over a pair of boots. Okay, first-world rich kids, no bubble-bursting here. You also have to understand that I'm the shirt-jeans-sneakers kind of girl and I never cared much about dressing nicely. I don't even have a dress, save for the few ones I was forced to wear during debuts and fancy events. So ever since I watched this totally-my-ideal-kind-of-girl on-screen, Enid, from Ang Nawawala, I made myself believe that I can be more like her by: first, imitating her wardrobe. So I've wanted a pair of boots ever since.. 2013. Yep. And now I own one. And I'm thinking of other things I can wear with it, 'cause I feel so badass in my black boots.

Enough about boots.. what else what else.

I'm about to finish my 2014 Reading Challenge, just two books more. My penultimate one, the one I'm reading right now, is Riggs' Hollow City. It's okay. Not the kind that's gripping, though. I'm planning on reading Yancey's The 5th Wave next. And yes, this is how I spend my Christmas + semestral break, and I love it.

Will update soon when there's more to update about. Happy holidays (in advance)!

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Monday, December 22, 2014
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