2014 in a wrap
2014 was a year of contradictions. It felt like it passed too slowly, it felt like the blink of an eye. The one and a half semesters stressed me out, while the four-month vacation was the most chill time I've had. It most definitely had its ups and downs.

I guess all I want to say is that at first I thought this year would be just like any other, but upon hindsight, it's not. It's memorable, and I'm thankful for everything 2014 gave me (the good and the bad stuff).

About goals.

To be honest, guys, only 1 and 1/2 of these goals were accomplished. I did not learn how to drive this year *pouts* and the sad thing is my brother did! And he's a year younger. Gosh, dad, I dunno why you won't let me behind the wheel. Maybe this 2015?

I've avoided softdrinks, chips, and French fries successfully this year. That's what I am most proud of! Softdrinks were easy to avoid, but man, chips and fries made it real hard for me :o I found myself looking for substitutes, like peanuts or something. I'd like to thank my friends and family for their support.. Though sometimes they do make fun of me by eating those in front of my drooling self (kidding. That's disgusting, I don't drool).

I most certainly failed #3. I CRAMMED. A LOT. :O I guess I'll start being realistic and remove that from my resolutions altogether HAHAHAHA oh come on we've all been students. Aaaand as for #4. That's totally subjective, and let's say I accomplished only half of that. I still suck at being a friend sometimes. But I'm never gonna stop trying being a good one, and I guess that's what matters.

Cheers to my firsts this year!
  • I played laser tag for the first time this April, as a late birthday treat to my HS buddies! That day was loaded.
  • Summer job last May. It gave me a whole new perspective in life (yes, no exaggeration).
  • First roadtrip with no parental supervision. Being 18 rocks.
  • Felt a baby earthquake consciously (no damage though, just some subtle ground-shaking).
  • First time to have chickenpox!!! ;-; This really threatened my academic standing. It was so hard, catching up and missing all those exams and lessons. (But I'm all the more proud for having done so!)
  • First time to eat ramen. I KNOW, I LIVE A SAD LIFE. Why did I even include it here. Maybe because that day was awesome and was in the middle of a hell week... #rebels
  • First time to win book giveaways! And twice, in a span of three weeks!
  • First time to finish 9/9 of the Misa de Gallo :-) And I'm so glad it's with my mom and dad :)

Highlights of the year include Lolo and Lola's 50th wedding anniversary, Pia's debut, Agatha's debut, PROPharm's anniv party, and both Christmas + New Year's Eve :)

People are so excited for 2015, and I'm one of them, but let's not forget the year that's about to pass.

Here's to the awesome year ahead!!!

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014
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