It's almost ALMOST over
TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE SEMESTRAL *slash* CHRISTMAS BREAK. Goddamn. I'm getting real impatient here.

I still have seven exams to go this year, and two for the next (completion exams on January… 'cause I missed them, chickenpox probs). But you know what? I'm extremely grateful, 'cause just this week we had six. Can you believe that? Six exams. I kind of want to throw up. But I didn't, and I'm proud that I'm still alive today and typing this, so yeah. I also think I earned the right to put "Survivor, Shitload of Exams" in my resume or CV. That's a real achievement there, the kind I'd tell my grandkids someday when I'm in a rocking chair and they're all huddled around me squeaking, "REALLY, GRANDMA? SIX EXAMS IN A WEEK???"

I'm losing it.

Also, no matter how much this week sucked, something pleasantly different happened so I still kept my sanity. I submitted at TC around two weeks ago and I heard back and now my piece's up there (for almost a week already, I think). Please don't judge me. Or Clare Benitez, for that matter. It's also kind of a secret, because I'd rather have strangers read my pieces and not the persons I get to see on a daily basis. I dunno, I just get shy and sometimes they tease me or compliment me, and in both situations I don't know how to respond.

What else? I'm in a mood to babble right now so I'm going to do what I do best... make lists.

Highlights of the past week:
  • Was home for mom's golden birthday celebration! There were lots of food. Like tummy-busting-lots of food. But that was the weekend before the six-exams-in-a-week tragedy so I never got to enjoy much. :( I promise I'd make it up to my family though when it's Christmas. I don't even have a gift for mom except for a hug and a kiss. Any ideas?
  • I mastered the Dutch braid. I wear it whenever I'm not late to class (... which is rare.)
  • I STILL HAVEN'T WATCHED MOCKINGJAY!!! Dear God. I'm planning to tomorrow, alone.
  • I had my first ramen last week. I know, I live a sad life. But damn, that ramen. It was everything. I also fumbled with my chopsticks but considering I finished my bowl, I think I did well. It was on a Tuesday, right after my shadowing duty at the hospital pharmacy, and my friends and I just decided to go have lunch out. Been ages since we last did… so it was nice. Alexa and Raissa and I ordered California maki too, it was great.
  • Guess how many Kris Kringles I'm participating in. *kroo kroo kroo kroo* Three. Hah. One for our org, one for our batch, and one for us four (Raissa + Alexa + Pia + me). It's fun though. So far from our org, I received cute mini highlighters in assorted colors (something to describe yourself) and a fan with a Kathniel print on it (something embarrassing to carry HAHAHA such a spot-on gift). I still have to shop later to buy gifts, like whoa. Ain't my wallet feeling emptier by the day.
  • I think I can be an artist. Lookie look look.

That's pretty much it. Relatively this week is much more chill but yeah, I still have three exams and a critique paper. So... I'm out. Will update when it's Christmas break!!! :)

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Sunday, November 30, 2014
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