MIBF 2014
MIBF posts have become a mandatory thing since 2012. But this'll be pretty short 'cause nothing much happened. :(

It's Sept 17-21 this year, and I have completely exhausted my savings because I never hold back when splurging on books. And also, I know this post is long overdue, but I was soooo busy there was no way I can blog without me feeling guilty and thinking I'm wasting my time, when I should be doing more important things. At least right now I'm free and I can write to my heart's desire. :))

I was supposed to go on Wednesday, but we had an exam that I didn't start to study for moved earlier to Thursday, so naturally I had to cram the day before. Such a bummer. Though, if only I knew what my fate was, I wish I went to MIBF instead and never studied, 'cause it amounted to the same thing. That Biochem exam was a total screwup. Like, where did my prof get these questions? (I passed though. It was a miracle.)

Okay, so Wednesday didn't work out. Thursday = exam, so a no-no too (we finished almost 7pm, and MIBF is up to 8pm only.. travel time included, I'll never get to enjoy just less than an hour of book shopping). Friday came. And I have no classes, so yeah, I woke up at 8am to get ready and be there at the 10am opening.

But then came typhoon Mario.


I was near crying I was so pissed off that day because it rained and rained and it meant not going to the book fair and it also delayed my going home, so I'm stuck sulking at the dormitory. Good thing we didn't lose electricity, because if we did, I feel like I'm going to thrash around or something in frustration. It was lonely. I think I was just either online or asleep the whole day. I never even got to go to the mall because it was flooded outside, ankle-deep, and the winds were strong. My umbrella is never going to survive that.

Saturday was sunny, at last, and I finally finally went with Raissa to the fair at 10am (with her dad and brother, too. I had a free ride. Booya!). I reserved several books at NBS (I didn't have my loyalty card and I felt it was a waste, so I'd return tomorrow with mom and we'll buy them... that's what I thought). They asked my name, my school, contact details, the usual drills. I said I'd return tomorrow to buy them, cash. That settled, I went around some more. And what I didn't find at NBS? I found them at Fully Booked. It was amazing. I saw the rare titles I thought I'd never get my hands on... like DFW's Infinite Jest and Yancey's 5th Wave and Infinite Sea. I was so stunned I saw them on display (and there were just five or four of them!) that I immediately grabbed them, even though they weren't in my book list. (Yes, I had a list, much like your grocery shopping list. With prices on them, less 20% off. So you can say I'm on a budget and impromptu book shopping is a rulebreaker, but I love Yancey so much I'm doing this anyway.)

I sound paranoid but you have to understand that I binge-buy books once a year, so this is thoroughly planned. HAHAHA. I saved a lot too, considering everything was less 20% the original price.

I didn't get to meet up with my high school buds, but on the last day, Sunday, I did see Amity queuing for Best of Anime (she cosplayed!! I dunno who though, but she looked amazing and got to see Liui Aquino personally [the famously cute Hiccup cosplayer] and wowwww just wow). I bought more books and this time I'm with mom, so no financial problems on my part that day :))) Alwin didn't go but he did ask me to buy any Cyanide & Happiness comics, and I wasn't so optimistic on finding that, but wow. There it was on Fully Booked. I am so amazed.

The stuff I reserved at NBS? Well, that sucked. Apparently the woman thought I was buying wholesale for my school. So they had the books shipped to their main office, and were about to deliver it to UP Manila. Ridiculous. I made it clear I was going back tomorrow, and who said anything about me buying under my school's name? Just because I'm buying a lot of books doesn't mean I'm buying wholesale! So they cancelled it and offered to find the books again from the shelves, but apparently that's a lost cause, considering that the fair's jam-packed on its last day and several books I reserved were already out of stock. So I'm really disappointed. But I still bought the books I can find that were on my list (Lu's Legend, Prodigy, and Quick's Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock).

So, the total haul.

I'm a really happy kid. I've read 1.25 of these books already (done with Legend, a quarter through Kafka on the Shore hehehez) though I'm really far behind my Reading Challenge over Goodreads, 'cause I'm still 4 books late.

That's about it. You can say that I really love books and reading, else I'd have written a shorter post :))) I got carried away once again, apparently. Guess that happens often when it comes to things I'm passionate about.

P.S. I also happened to win two book giveaways this September :))) One was by NBS.

Claimed it last week. Heh. First signed book, and it's free.

And the other's by Goodreads :))

I'm yet to receive it. Well, I never say no to free books. :)

Update 10/10/14: I got it!

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