Chickenpox probs

- I get to finish Blood of Olympus. It's awesome. Also, I've boarded another ship. The Solangelo ship, as they call it. I ship this so hard that it can fly by my shipping alone. I think I'm captaining it, too, along with many others who claim the same title.

- I get to finish the Legend trilogy in three days. Uh-huh.

- I get to finish the Lizzie Bennet Diaries over a half-day period. *SQUEALS INTO PILLOW* OH MY GOD, GUYS. Just when I thought my P&P obsession could not get even better, this happens. SQUEAL SQUEAL SQUEAL Lizzie is hilarious and Jane is so sweet and Lydia is so fun and Gigi is such a responsible Darzie captain and Darcy, Bing and Wickham are all so gorgeous. I love this series. Especially the costume theater thing they got going :))) I got another kind of personality to infuse to mine, which is Lizzie's. ("Nice? Darcy? It's like every time you say those words together, an angel loses its wings.")

- I get to sleep up to 11am. WHAT UP.

- I get to be updated with A to Z (yes, another TV series, just recently premiered). The pulling force of this particular series is: Cristin Milioti. Our adorable Mother. And a little due to the idea of a finite relationship, the alphabet concept, Ben Feldman, the robot Asian girl who's my favorite, and the matchmaking job scene plus their crazy boss.

- I get to watch The Walking Dead's premiere on parallel play with the US. So awesome. The whole gang is reunited! Hooray! Except for Beth, whose whereabouts I have no idea about! Weird! And I have to stop shouting!


- IT. IS. EVERYWHERE. I pray this doesn't leave serious scars D:

- My antiviral meds need to be taken 4x a day. So the best schedule was 6-12-6-12. Do you know how irritating it is to need to wake up at 6 and *groggily* eat breakfast for the sake of taking my meds on time? I practically fall back to bed once that's done, and it's bad since I just had breakfast. I also have to wake up at midnight and eat a biscuit before taking my meds. Just, wow. The commitment to this is so damn hard.

- Apparently chicken pox isn't stopping anyone from handing me workloads. The first time was when I was asked to design a photo layout (for the photobooth) and I said yes since, okay, it's just one thing. Then a poster request came up. And then another. And another. *groans* Gimme a break.

- Oh and yeah, did I mention my impending death by neglected and accumulated academic responsibilities? No? Yeaaaaaaah, well. You won't see me anytime soon after this. I just missed two exams the last week, two again this week, and if I'm well enough to go back by Monday I'm gonna be welcomed by CP's generous welcoming committee, which consists of four exams, a case discussion, prelabs, and oral reports. Not a happy bunch.

* * *

My life recently is a whirlwind of painful decisions brought about by my ever-clashing priorities, topped with a guilty conscience. Should I avoid reading irrelevant books and watching more TV series and YouTube videos? Yes. But will I actually be avoiding doing all those aforementioned things? No. So I'm in this cycle where I procrastinate with a nagging conscience and then beat myself up when it's 11PM and I realize I've done nothing school-related. The struggle is real. And it is driving me crazy.

I guess I should get going. I hope you guys are having better days than I am.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014
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