Agatha @ 18
Probably the last debut I'll attend among my high school friends. But it was one of the greatest nights ever!!!

It was rushed, actually. If I heard right it just took two weeks of preparation. I don't know how they did that, because it still was a blast. I guess when you're surrounded with the people you really love, the when and where doesn't really matter. We were all in the same room together and it was enough.

It was so nice to have been reunited with Augustine again, and in our best dresses and coats, too. So fancy. Our table is probably the loudest (ugh, we never change. I thought college and maturity would tame us, but I guess I was wrong). I think our best excuse is we haven't seen each other in months.

With mah homies Trixie and EJ ❤

Look at Aoiffe =)) Werk it gurl

And, of course. Would we ever miss taking selfies.


With Kiel. bb y u so fine

Please forgive Jaime, he's just really not himself tonight.

The bar just plain excited me (it's so obvious that I'm just eighteen, figures why I'm like this). I missed out on Pia's debut, just three or four drinks I guess, and last night presented a fantastic opportunity for me to test my alcohol tolerance. Well, not so fantastic, since they just offered cocktails. But some of my blockmates got tipsy on those cocktails so, why not. My favorite was daiquiri, I think I had eight shots or so. And a cup. I was drinking bit by bit from that lol

"It's iced tea, mom!" WHO U FOOLIN CAYE

Also. The problem with debuts is that we never have a decent shot with the debutante. I'm waiting for the official pictures HAHAHAHA. But Agatha is so beautiful! Always has been ❤ Happy 18th, girl! I don't think I should wish you all the best because you already have them. So I'm wishing for you to have those blessings continuously, and I hope you realize that you are a very lucky girl! (P.S. Agatha's mom gave her a car. A Ford, dude, complete with a pink ribbon. It was so awesome, we were so happy for her!!)

Happy 18th again, Agatha! And Augustine: let's stay crazy together, shall we? :)

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