Pigging out
Two consecutive days of eating to my heart's desire.

So, the the first day. Yes, it was a pigout day, but there was more to that. Because I finally got to hang out with these people after two months (or was it just one? I don't keep track anymore, goddamnit UP) and also, I finally got to go out of my shack and feel the sun on my face, I guess. Boy was it great. EJ and I first went at McDonald's, which was too crowded just because it re-opened after a major renovation last week. And there was this group of high school kids at our back.. dear God were they noisy. We were probably like that in high school, I realized, and probably 419248x more annoying. And this realization came with another realization that, whoa, you gettin' old girl. Okay. That's it. I'm not dwelling on bad thoughts anymore.

So Trixie arrived from her Mandarin class in UPD and we decided to go to a milk tea place one jeepney away, but not before kuya Jef saw us. We said the usual polite greetings then he planted an idea in our heads going like "why don't you text Gene, she's not doing anything." Yes! Gene! Though I don't miss her. HAHAHAHA I kid, I mean I do, but EJ and Trixie probably miss her more since I see Gene more often. So we went to the milk tea place, I had hazelnut milk tea, then Carrie arrived. Then this happened.

Then it was Gene who arrived next. We took a lot more pictures than we should have, and I blame it on Carrie hahaha. We got an update of what everyone else's been doing lately, too.

Trixie had to leave early, around 6pm-ish :c Then Lyca FINALLY arrived. Lyca. The one who said "4pm" and arrived at 6-freaking-30pm. HAHAHA. My God. If we loved you less we wouldn't have waited for you and left you to eat alone instead HAHA

I missed you guys! Here's to more hangouts with you ♥

Then Sunday came, which is family day. We celebrated uncle's (belated) birthday at Shakey's Centennial. It was also crowded, considering it's Sunday, but my aunt managed to get a table for 11. While she was taking care of that, though, we were minding our own business.

Yes, my cousin has a monopod. Please don't judge us. My female cousins are both fourteen; hence, they are part of the selfie generation.. that can't be helped.



We don't have an After After picture, all there's left were clean plates. Heh. But we did take out some food for Grandpa, he was left at home.

Soooooo that's it. I rarely venture outside so I might as well blog about these past two days. Hahaha. PLEAAAAAASE SCHOOOOOOOOL without you I have no purpose. I'm actually asking myself if I want August to arrive already, because on the plus side it would mean school which would be doing something and I'd get to go to Manila and places and see my college buds, but on the minus side it'd mean heavy and stressful school work, which really sucks and almost outweighs the fun stuff.. but yeah. I dunno. One more month then, I guess.

How are you guys? Hope you're having much better days than I am hahahaha
P.S. Mexican Wrestler Ted was amazing :O Too bad Mexico got eliminated already huhu I really liked MWT he was an epic goalkeeper :c

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