I just felt an earthquake
No, seriously. I was doing this logo for our org when I thought I felt dizzy because the chair was sort of swaying. And then mom said, "Earthquake" and I thought HOLY SHIT IT IS AN EARTHQUAKE and IT'S MY FIRST TIME TO FEEL AN EARTHQUAKE and then it went on like that for about five? six? seconds and I was too stunned, I just stared and felt the world rocking a little bit. If it wasn't a baby earthquake I'd probably be panicking but it's a baby earthquake and I'm just like wow. Idk where the epicenter is but Manila felt it all the same (I saw the tweets lol there were like 11 consecutive earthquake tweets at that moment in my timeline). I just hope everyone's okay though.

idk why I blabbed so much about a baby earthquake

In other news Exithemes just released the first theme from its Game of Thrones-inspired theme series.. you might want to check it out. (Hint: it's No One)

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014
@ 22:11