This is horrible. I am as bored these days as I was busy for the past two months. What happened?!

After my summer job there has been nothing significant going on. Except that I'm exploring photo composition & manipulation, for college org duties. (Yep. I just made it sound more awesome than it actually is. All I do is stay on the laptop for long periods of time.)

Hehehehehehehez. Belated happy Independence Day, Pearl of the Orient (June 12th) :D

Those two are my favorites. GIMP's Paths tool is really a wonder, and I've discovered its uses just recently.

What else? I've been listening/watching/reading some really addictive things lately.
  • Coldplay's Ghost Stories. I loved the first three tracks (Always In My Head, Magic, Ink), but for me this is probably just half as good as Mylo Xyloto. Now that was epic.
  • The Fault in Our Stars. T-T I probably bawled in the theater as much as I did when I read the book. I watched it with Genevieve, knowing full well she isn't going to judge me once my lachrymal ducts start the waterworks :)) Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley were both absolutely perfect! The film can proudly stand side by side with the book, which is beautiful on its own. The soundtrack was okay, too.
  • Game of Thrones S4. Dude! The Mountain and the Viper episode was... it was shocking. I've just finished A Storm of Swords and I can safely tell you that NO EYE-GOUGING HAPPENED THERE. So that episode was.. whoa. Bravo. (Although I was starting to like Prince Oberyn... but then again, GRRM is world-renowned for killing off favorites)
  • Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South!!! Okay, so this is the part where I turn into the freaky obsessed girl. I cannot help it :((( The book was amazing. It's like Pride & Prejudice except I fell harder for Thornton than I did with Darcy. I didn't even think that was possible at first! But there you go. *o* I also watched the BBC TV serial. AND THAT'S WHERE I REALLY LOST MY HEART. I mean, look at Thornton!

    God. So suave. Thanks Richard Armitage. And there I was, rereading my favorite passages from the book, over and over, and rewatching the TV serial, and stalking N&S Tumblr blogs. It's really scary.

That's it. Uh, I thank you for sticking with me despite the nonsensical raving I've been typing.
I changed my layout too, after a long long time. But you can still see the yellow. Heh. You know my love for yellow. And this theme almost gave me a nosebleed, I tried so hard with the Javascript part. So please appreciate my efforts and enjoy the navigations for, like, as much as you want to, because that was the part I worked on the most. =)) Will probably submit my old one tomorrow. I'm tired.

Good night! x

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Saturday, June 14, 2014
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