The Summer Job Chronicles
After four weeks. After days of bagging bought items, displaying and arranging stocks and cleaning shelves, my summer job is finally over. And the thing is I'm actually sad about it! I enjoyed working six days a week at Rosario, plus I got meself some new friends (Niña, my co-trainee, plus the cashiers we bag for and the funny security guards). I'll miss them all, so I guess I'll drop by Rosario more often than needed just to catch up with them I guess. :)) I also amused myself by teasing ate Bev (cashier) with kuya Richmond (blue boy) all the time. And ate Bev's actually a sport about it; she's not exactly playing along, but she retorts in a funny manner.

Having a summer job's also much better than being a bumass at home, with an aircon or three electric fans on at this temperature— 35°C, Christ.

Aside from a modest weekly salary and some visible varicose veins, what I got was a truckload of funny anecdotes too. I don't know, guys. Filipinos can be too damn funny, and it's usually unintentional.

I. (customer shows me a Vitamin C supplement labeled "Age 0-2 Years")
"Miss, pwede ba 'to sa two months na baby?"

II. (customer buys a bottle of water)
Me: Isusupot pa po ba 'to?
Customer: Bakit, ayaw mo?
(but... but... I asked nicely...)

III. (another customer buys a bottle of water)
M: Isusupot pa po ba 'to?
(shakes her head, then stays at the lane even after the transaction)
C: Ano ba, miss. Pasupot naman.

IV. (after explaining to an elderly woman that there are no M10 diapers bought by 2's, since M stands for size and 10 for quantity [hence she is looking for an M2])
"Parang lasing naman kayo kausap."

V. (after being done with bagging a shitload of groceries)
C: Pahiwalay naman ng supot yung mga inumin.
(It would have been nice if I was told earlier.)

Kinda tested my patience and ability to be polite so as not to laugh on the spot. I don't know, but my retelling probably made it less funny. Experiencing this firsthand, I gotta say that the temptation to giggle was strong.

But then again, customers are always right. So you gotta bend your perception of "right" to meet with theirs halfway. =))

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Saturday, May 17, 2014
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