Of fiestas and spontaneous road trips

Goofing around while on the way to Robert's house. Happy fiesta, Rosario!!!
(pictures are taken with Kiel's iPod. Better LQ than nothing lol)

I missed these guys. Been ages since I last saw them all! They all look the same to me though, except Pre, who got his braces off. But really, I was surprised because I never expected we'd have a ride. And our driver for the day's Rowin!!! Haha. Now I really want to learn, too. Had a lot of laughs with these people, after eating we sang battles in Starmaker and screamed and argued over Game of Nerds.

Rain was there, too. The lovebirds aren't in the pictures because these were taken after we visited Robert's house. We let Rain and Robert have their alone time together after that (hey, we get their hints). I got updated with these guys' lives too. Jaime I threatened to put in the hot seat, because he shocked us all with his new girlfriend two or three months ago =)) The rest assured me that they all had fried Jaime with questions too, right after knowing about it. Kiel was... awww, Kiel. I can only offer you hugs, my sick sense of humor and the promise that you'll be okay, and still awesome as ever.

And Pre has a girlfriend. Christ. When is my love life going to bloom. =))))

We didn't go home immediately after visiting Robert's house, we decided to go to SMR and watch Godzilla. Which practically sucked, by the way, but it was worth it if you watch the movie with people who keep making snide remarks on how awful the film was. =)))

Drove Pre to his girlfriend's house before going home. IT WAS CHAOTIC. Hahahaha. The road to his girl's place was really really narrow and additionally, some wise tricycle drivers even parked at the sides. Wtf. So, in consequence, our ride's right side got a tiny scratch. Rowin was genuinely nervous hahaha we kept cursing Pre (who I think felt pretty guilty in the end) and when Pre got off, the conversation sounded like this:

Kiel: Langya talaga si Pre.
Rowin: De, hayaan mo na... di ba lagi naman nating inaasar si Pre dati, lagi nating tinutukso..
Me: WOW. Na-justify mo pa si Pre! Bait talaga.
Rowin: (nanahimik saglit) ...PERO HINDI TALAGA EH! Sabi ko magtricycle na lang siya eh!

HAHAHAHA. We just advised him to give his parents some coffee once they see the scratch (as inspired by this Nescafé commercial).

Jaime kept inviting us to eat along the way, just to extend the trip =)) Deep inside I was getting jumpy especially when it was already 9pm, because I told my parents I'd be back by 6. And when I got home at 9:30 I thought I was dead, but.. HA, I am still very much alive. They didn't mind since Rowin drove me all the way to our front gate. =)) I thanked them all and they went on their way, finally having their own bro bonding time.

I just want to thank you guys for this awesome day! Let's do this again, shall we? :)
P.S. I know. I've been left out in the height department.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014
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