EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER. THANK GOD. And I hope it's for real lol I don't want to take removals for any subject at all.

I kind of realized that my April is fully booked. I'm part of planning a surprise debut gift for a very special person, I'm going home to Infanta with the family + cousins, I got accepted in the summer job training program and I have a laser tag reservation to make.


DAY 1 - April 5th
Woke up real early to go to Manila today, for a personal application and interview for the said summer job training program. Pretty much straightforward. My brother and I are applying (but not in the same branch lol that's chaotic) and we were invited back on the 8th for the orientation. Booya.

Didn't go home but went straight to the mall, 'cause Genevieve and I have a date. Treated her to lunch, and then we watched Captain America: Winter Soldier! OH MY GOD. That movie is so jam-packed. And packed with Chris Evans' abs HUHUHUHU damn boy y u so hot even when you're all bruised and wounded uggggggghh. This world is unfair. And seeing Cobie Smulders on screen, wow, I got mixed feelings. Well at least now I know why Robin ditched her friends and her husband a lot. 'Cause she was working for SHIELD all the time. And now she's at the Stark Industries (oops).

Gene gave me a gift!!! Realized that no one gave me, like, some wrapped gift for my birthday so when I received it I became this happy kid who got all excited. But she didn't want me to open it while she was there haha. So guess the first thing I did when I got home.

IT WAS A CUTE NOTEBOOK. WITH A CUTE BALLPEN. HAHAHA so that explains the peculiar face she had when we were by the stationery section at the dept store, I was pointing at this recycled-looking notebook with the same pages: alternating lined-then-solid-color pages. I said it was really cute. And she was quiet :)) At least she knows that I loved her gift! There also was a "birthday letter" inside haha that was something I really wasn't prepared for. I kinda got all touchy and nostalgic reading it, she followed the same tactic I used in my retreat letter to her two years ago (It's like "Dear Caye, Happy birthday! That's all." and the real essence of the letter is in the postscript).

I loved it. Saturdate well-spent.

Oh and I bought some things to occupy myself with when I got nothing else to do.

You'd think these were gifts to any of my toddler cousins LOL NO IT'S MINE. AN EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD BOUGHT THIS. wtf haha I'm not too old for this come on guys

DAYS 2 & 3 - April 5th and 6th
Nothing much happened. Gayle and the family came over on Sunday to finalize our plans on going to Infanta (17-20!!! WOOOHOOO) and we had some spaghetti and ice cream. (Segue: Got to watch The Sound of Music too, wow. Finally.)

Also made some stamps from the cheap erasers I bought yesterday, and I'm planning to use them in my journal. Gabo was thrilled with these. He played with the stamps, went crazy on a whole sheet of paper, and proudly presented it to his mom and dad.

Can't blame him. Summer's the time to get artsy fartsy.

DAY 4 - Today
Went back to SSC-R. This is top secret information, but Gene doesn't know about my blog anyway, so what we did was film some birthday greetings for her from our high school teachers. I wish she would feel as nostalgic as we did once she watches the video. The last time I got a good tour of our beloved Alma Mater was.. well, fourth year. I never visited the whole building afterwards. And it was funny, our teachers were pretty much the same. They were still the dynamic, always laughing and really outgoing kind of people. We kinda made a riot in the room then hahaha. I was with Kuya Jef (Gene's older brother) and Ate Ariane (Gene's cousin), who were the real masterminds of this surprise.

Afterwards (and this is the greatest part) the three of us were asked to be students in the teacher's demo. CAN YOU IMAGINE. So we were back there, pretending to be high school students, having the same high school lessons about Math and English. I can't believe I can cross out the "be back in high school for just one more day" in my bucket list. And in the most unexpected time. If I had known, I would've gathered the whole of St Augustine. And the new teachers will be so damn nervous HAHAHA that would've been precious. There were three of them, and the first two discussed Math lessons while the last teacher discussed English. There was something to be wished for. I mean the second teacher taught logarithms and if I were really new to the lesson I would be lost. And they used elaborate visual aids— realistically speaking, once you're really in the classroom you're gonna have less time to prepare those :)) I like Ma'am Edralin's method. All she needs was a piece of chalk or a whiteboard marker. Now that's some pro teaching (maybe because she's been teaching Math for forty years or more, I guess).

But all in all it was the best day ever. I didn't realize how much I missed San Sebastian. ❤

Aaaaaaaaaand I talked a lot once again for just summarizing three days, but man. It feels great not to worry about acads.
Tomorrow we're Manila bound, will be oriented for the SJTP. Will wake up at 5am ugh :(( GOOD NIGHT DARLINGS

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