First time: Laser Tag
Awesome. Awesome.
That's what I kept saying after this day. Despite the sore thighs, sweaty face and tired feet, this day was nothing but awesome.

Today was my treat to my high school best buds (Lyca, Trixie, EJ, Ciara) + my brother Alwin. So we set off for Centris at 9am and had lunch at Shakey's (I got a free sundae 'cause it's my birthday celebration, though my birthday was ages ago. Trixie talked to the waiter).

And then, the laser tag. That was the highlight of the day.. Lazer Maxx at Centris Walk is certainly a must-go. We were six in the Green Team which we thought at first was a good thing, but it turned out that we were at the disadvantage, because we provided the other teams with a lot more targets. The Red Team were only 3 people while the Blue Team were only 4 (and I knew one of them from my school, so embarrassing since I sucked at the game).

We were briefed, wore vests with laser guns and lights all over to identify us, and we went inside the dark arena. And then for fifteen minutes, the clock ticked. I REALLY SUCKED HAHAHA. I did get to shoot some targets but for most of the time my gun was disabled since I'm always shot. Alwin and Ciara are our MVPs, but the Green Team still lost by a landslide lol.

We failed to identify our base, which was one of the things that made us losers. Alwin thinks he shot it down himself. And like I said, we provided a lot of targets. One time I went downstairs (the arena was two stories) and then there's this red guy/girl and shot me and I took cover. AND HE/SHE CHASED ME LIKE WTF =)) All the way til I found two of my other teammates. That moment I didn't know if I wanted to kill that guy or myself.

You'd think fifteen minutes was too short, but think again! I think if we went on for five more minutes I'd be lying dead on the floor. I was sweating, my thighs were shocked from the strenuous activity, and I was really thirsty.

We went to Trinoma after that. Bought a gift for Genevieve, and Trixie bought pies from Conti's. And then on to MOA to really go home (terminal's there) but decided to eat some snacks first. And that was it. We were royally tired and sore but it was all worth it. Damn. We all swore to come back and avenge ourselves.

Aaaaand I finally know why Barney Stinson's so into this kind of thing. Laser tag is really fun. ☺☺☺

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014
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