Can't sleep
Hi. So. It's been a while and I actually am supposed to be either a) busy with acads stuff or b) asleep, but what the hell. Give me a break, reality. Give me a break.

Going through a tough week month I guess, exams and requirements are raining down hard. Torrents of them. I don't want to dwell on those anymore. But still I've had quite a few things to be happy about. Like there was this one night, we watched a play (Pluwent. It was really good) at the GSIS theater. I thought I would die laughing that night. But the journey home was more fun— we walked, everyone in our block who watched and we were around twenty people, then we took the shuttle to Taft. Walked the rest home after that though, with my guy blockmates. I felt pretty safe, and to be honest it was nice, walking at night in Manila (and having minimal worries of being kidnapped, or whatever).

I just want this semester to eeeeeeeend.
And oh, we have four months of vacation. Our academic calendar's moved from June-March to August-May, and it's being implemented next school year. Some serious shiz. I'm already planning my vacation, though.
  • I will learn how to drive. Will.
  • OJT at a drugstore, I guess.
  • Lots of baking! Haven't tried it yet but I want to learn. Mom promised to help (love you!).
  • Aaaaand of course, read lots of books, watch lots of movies, binge-watch a lot of TV shows.

I thought Valentine's was going to be uneventful, but my second period lab turned out to be chill. And my third period too (kidding. I cut class. LOL kidding again we don't have classes but we're required to attend some seminar and we didn't, HA). So I got the chance to participate on Free Hugs Day!!! It's an annual thing, I first blogged about it last Valentine's. I was the last person who was able to redeem that bag full of candies (in a way it felt like Halloween HAHA trick or treat).

That's it. It's 1am and I have a 7am class tomorrow ugh. And I'm also going to Fully Booked's sale!!!! I'm so happy!!!! I'm going there, eyebags and all haha I wouldn't miss those 50% off titles for the world ;)

Good night morning ♡

P.S. Sorry for being so random, I suck at transitions. And I write what just comes to mind. (don't we all) ☺

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014
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