Hello 2014 ♥
I was really eager for 2014 to arrive. Or, to be more precise, I was eager to have 2013 behind me already. I just want a clean slate, you know? I kind of feel messed up especially at the latter parts of the year. Friendships were sort of tested, both college and high school ones. But I'm glad everything's okay now, and I hope it'll stay that way for a long, loooooong time. I wouldn't want any more drama in my life right now.

That said, we celebrated New Year's Eve at home, as usual. It was great, the kids were all present again. AND THE VIDEOKE. It just made things 3719481948x more awesome, and of course I was up to it.. Sunday Morning was my first song. Gayle and I were partners all the way, though. And every once in a while in the afternoon we cousins would play volleyball or just walk around or eat again... that sort of stuff. I love it when we're complete.

They went home at around 9pm though, so I napped until 11pm lol that part was pathetic. But when I woke it was really noisy outside already, and fireworks were seen everywhere. It was smoky too. I jumped when the clock struck 12; a hopeless cause. I know I'll never grow taller anymore huhu. I paraded around the house with the soup ladle and Alwin's lunch box. HAHAHA.

New Year's resolutions are getting old, aren't they? Don't hate me for this though. I just set some goals (inspired by ABM!) I could probably accomplish 'til the end of the year. #1 is gonna take a lot of motivation, because even if I do learn how to drive, I have a feeling that I'm not gonna use that skill often. I doubt my dad will lend me the car to hangouts or parties or whatnot lol. Maybe just for some errands or light catching-ups with friends. I swear this will come in handy when I have a car on my own though. Someday. (Hey, I could dream. And make it come true bwahaha)

#2 and #3 are difficult ones. I can feel it in my bones (after layers of fat). BUT I AM MOTIVATED. Help me friends please. Do be my accomplices hahaha.

And on a cheesier (and more serious) note, I set my last goal to be a better friend. Yes. I suck at being one sometimes. I get so self-absorbed that I don't notice the people around me. And to tell you the truth, I've recently observed myself having a hard time expressing my gratitude and love (this is getting cheesier as I write it) to the people who matter. I dunno, I just get so embarrassed at times. Maybe because I'm a teenager? lol anyways I want to change this. I want to be more appreciative and, you know, just be better.

It's not too late to make goals of your own. Come on guys, change is good :))
Have an awesome 2014 everyone! :-)

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Wednesday, January 01, 2014
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