Happy 50th wedding anniversary to the sweetest grandparents in the world!
I really am happy for them. ❤ They are the epitome of patience, understanding, happiness, and of course love. To be together for fifty years! It's amazing. (Wish I could find love like theirs— ooooops)

It was kinda fancy. But simple. We were less than forty people who celebrated, just our family, in-laws and some neighbors. :)

HI GAYLE HAHAHAHA (P.S. congrats Alwin for the photobomb)

Eleven grandkids. Eleven. (Gabo wasn't in the picture, he was kinda throwing a tantrum) This is why Sundays at home are so fun.


This cake. Very chocolate. Such mmmm (dat face..wat wer u thinkin caye)

I love vintage pictures. I find them precious and amazing, like some rare antique or what. This photo is fifty years old :)

On a sadder note (why am I ending my post like this lol), school resumes tomorrow :( And I'm going back to Manila later in the afternoon. I am not prepared. Well I guess it's back to the crazy and hassle-filled reality of school. Darn you school. I might or might not update frequently these days so this is kind of a goodbye already? Haha. 'Til next post, lovelies :)

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Sunday, January 05, 2014
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