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Before school started I customized another notebook that I can use as a planner. Or a journal...I'll most likely scribble down unimportant stuff about my day. So yeah. (btw in case you're wondering, the original notebook was a Corona Classique that looked like this. Chose it because of the paper quality ☺)

And then I came across this bullet journaling system and I thought, why not? I gave it a go.

I was excited about this. So I started immediately, and the pros that I found were 1) it's very simple and doesn't require much effort, 2) you can get an overview of tasks that really need to be accomplished by the day and add more as you go, 3) you can dedicate a number of pages to something that would require much of your attention and never get confused because of 4) the index, and page numbering, and 5) you can migrate undone tasks over the next month.

But of course, there are cons. As a student I am given a lot of deadlines for several projects and schoolwork for every subject, and the bullet journal does not give me the opportunity to plan ahead, because I never know how many pages I am going to need before a specific date in the future.

I came across the Circle system as well. And as fickle as I am about journaling systems I might give it a go too. Maybe I'm going to use a bullet + circle journal kind of system. I'm just gonna allot one whole page (front and back) for a week, keep the bullet journal system with regards to indexing, collections, and page numbering. I'm gonna use the circle system in sorting my tasks though. I feel so bummed when I'm already halfway through a big task and still see that empty checkbox in my journal...so, at least I can monitor my progress through the circle system.

So yeah. Just shared my thoughts on journaling to you guys. I have an art journal too and it's almost filled up, which is great since its life span is only until the end of my second year in uni (which ends in April sahfskfksfjs still a long way to go). Anyways this coming week will be toxic...two major exams, tons of prelabs, a journal critique, and frogs. Yes, frogs. We pithed and skinned a frog toad (t'was supposed to be a frog, but we were given toads instead) last week and we're studying their muscular + skeletal systems. :(((((( Wish me luck bbs! And have a great day ❤

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Sunday, January 19, 2014
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