So close...
Last night was one of the best nights ever, in the whole of my stay at the College of Pharmacy (though that isn't saying much yet, because I'm just a second year student). Bulagaan 2013 was a blast, and definitely a level-up from last year's! The Mr and Ms Pharm contest was... I dunno how to describe it. It's just, you know that everyone gave a LOT of effort. And the performances were all jaw-dropping. :))

At home right now and glad that we only have two days of school left before Christmas break... but two exams and a paper are barricading me from celebrating earlier than that. B u m m e r. Have to study Physics and Bio lol.

Two days, guys. Two days!

P.S. Discovered cake pops over the internet today. They look so awesome!!! Must try it (maybe this Christmas) =)) also, these look so good and fun and just.. wow. A fastfood twist on cupcakes. Or a cupcake twist on fastfood. Whichever =)))

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Saturday, December 14, 2013
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