Merry Christmas darlings!
Can't even begin to tell you how awesome Christmas Eve was.. hope yours were wonderful as well!
Went caroling with the kids, around the neighborhood. It was funny. Kerstan was our tambourine-shaker. And the grand finale was at our own house, with our aunts and uncles and grandparents listening and laughing at the spectacle we've made =))) Noche Buena was a blast too, and we gave our own contribution... Oreo truffles! Hahaha! I was kind of behind it and then let Gelo and Aliyah help me make the balls. T'was delish. After Noche Buena my cousins went home while we (mom + dad + Alwin) attended Mass in Baste Main. It felt nice welcoming Christmas with the whole Sebastinian community. I missed all those familiar faces.

Happy birthday baby Jesus :)

P.S. Slept all the way through Christmas morning, wow. Anyhoo right now I'm doing lolo and lola's golden anniv video. ❤
Happy holidays everyone!

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013
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