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I am not kidding when I say the past weeks have been extremely crazy. I can't even fathom where I get all those energy and excitement for these events but I sure hope it isn't running out any time soon, because they say it's going to be crazier.

Honestly though I love the rush huhu. I'm so happy to be part of CP :))

(All pictures by the UPPhA House & Documentation Committee ☺)
PPS 2013 (Nov 23)

PPS 2013 last Nov 23 turned out great, except for that teeny little problem called "caterers." The food arrived a bit late. I didn't stick around very long (off at 5pm) because I was going home, as in truly home in Cavite, and I don't want to travel late at night. But I hope the caterers got what they deserve. Like a 5-hour sermon or something. lol

It was amazing, though. If the field of pharmacy were Hollywood, this is like a star-studded event. Like the Oscars. I was a volunteer on the day of the event though so we weren't concentrating much on the talks, we were always called on to do some errands. Which is what we really were there for because we're volunteers. But what was unexpected is that we even served food to the attendees.. that was some major plot twist. We thought it was going to be a buffet but the queues were very long so they were seated instead and we served them food. Hahaha! It was a funny and memorable experience. We were dressed in these fancy corporate attires... just... you can probably visualize us acting as waiters and waitresses. =)))))

I think, when I'm at least a 4th or 5th year student I'll stop volunteering and attend the PPS, for real. Just to pick up knowledge before going out there in the field.

Pharmalympics 2013 (Nov 30)

Pharmalympics was also awesome!!! It's a sports event in UP College of Pharmacy. The theme this year was Legend of the Hidden Temple (I know. Childhood feels right) so, there were three teams: the Blue Barracudas (1st and 5th year), Silver Snakes (3rd and 4th year) and of course the Red Jaguars (2nd year and faculty and admin)! We were competitive and all. I played in the last bit of mixed volleyball (didn't matter much. I wasn't great, only received once) and extreme dodgeball. Dodgeball was freakin intense. There were disputes here and there hahaha. But anyways, guess who the champs are. (Hint: us) HAHAHA it's a record. Because 2nd years + faculty + admin usually end up in 3rd place. So it was a heavenly accomplishment.

Also, National Pharmacy Week has just ended! It was amazing. Hahahaha I haven't any right to tell you that because the only event I attended was Gilas Pharma: Battle of the Bands last Thursday, Dec 5, and that was already the culminating event. So. :))

Gilas Pharma: Battle of the Bands (Dec 5)

But that night was great. REALLY. WORTH IT, AND ALL. I'm a fan of Up Dharma Down, since I've seen Sana Dati and I know it isn't saying much because that was just months ago, but boy oh boy. I fell in love with them, and I fell hard. UDD was the special guest in Gilas Pharma and that is why I did not hesitate to attend. ❤

They performed 8 songs, dude. Eight. Songs. That's almost like the Lawson gig I attended, I think they sang 8 songs too? Or ten? Around that number, and yet I only paid P150 for the ticket. hjiaogjoaghigjgsgfjsdgjs GAHD IT WAS SO WORTH IT. Zad and I were diehard fans among our group and we were singing along all the while, and it happens that Armi was looking straight in our direction. Feel na feel kong sakin talaga siya nakatingin. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA please I know I'm delusional so let me be, just this once. :)) Her eyes were piercing. AND HER VOICE, HER VOICE. It sounds much much better live, I mean I know she sounds great in all her songs but hearing her in person......... oh my god Armi I love you please know that

(I never fail to post photobooth pictures, don't I?)

My friends Jebb and Cla also joined, they made up Isotonix with the other upperclassmen.. I think they were 6 in the band. They were the last to perform, and it was already around 1am. Sadly I haven't watched them :( I have curfew at 11:30. And when I went back to my dorm there were already chains around the door lol I was already making plans on staying overnight at Pia's in UT but good thing there was a nurse or a doctor from PGH who arrived as well, and she rang the bell, and the door was opened later on.

It was pathetic huhu I wanted to watch the whole program. Damn it.
(Despite the fact that I have a 7am lab class the next day. Hehe)

That's it I guess. I feel like all I've been doing are org and extra-curricular stuff huhu. Second sem still doesn't sink in. The only subjects I feel like I'm really taking up are IP141 (Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms! I like our lab especially, we get to make stuff like Povidone-Iodine Topical Solution [yes it's also called Betadine], etc etc..feels like a Potions class) and... and... PhCh121 I guess. The rest were all wooooooosh. Not taking them seriously. Wish I can be more focused the coming days.

I got tons of work to do. Blogged properly today because if I delay it any longer, all I'll be blogging about would be nonsensical blub blub blub lol. Bye xx

P.S. I spy Tupperware

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