Why hello, November

Aren't they cute? The stuff toy we won from the claw crane. The clay Finn and clay Jake, my brother made those. We're both Adventure Time fans, and frankly this cartoon series really inspires our creative juices (he's got clay, I got my bookmarks).

And hey, Finn and Jake match my current theme's colors too lol

It's already November, hinting that in a week or so I'll be going back to school (11th of November). And stay in a dormitory... although I still have nowhere to stay. I actually feel nervous right now because what if there are no more dorms available.. I can't last another friggin' sem commuting to and from Manila. I barely survived the past three sems, and this time I have three lab classes, all majors. So terrifying. I've inquired already though but the thing's not yet settled. Last week's been busy with family visits + HS reunions and yesterday's a holiday, so the best time to go would be Monday.. yep. Monday pls. I hope I get a dorm then.

Had an (unexpected) outing with Trixie, Ciara, EJ and Lyca on October 31st. :-) Halloween btw is not that big of a deal here as it is in other places.. too bad, I think I'll like the costume part. Still, it was the best day ever. We just did the usual stuff when we're together.. like eat, watch movies (we watched a Thai movie, it was more hilarious than scary) and goof around. I think that was the day I had the most laughs yet in the course of my lifetime. Oh oh I remember one conversation:
EJ: Hey, do you know the name of the plant (starts describing it yada yada) with colored leaves?
Me: Colored leaves? What color?
EJ: Green.
..and I laughed so hard I damn near choked on my soda. warrahell EJ warrahell hahahaha

Been updated with The Walking Dead S4 and How I Met Your Mother S9. I have to say TWD is getting more exciting, it seems like it's going to be like 28 Days Later with the way things are going. I'm sorry I can't say the same thing for HIMYM :( It breaks my heart to dislike my favorite show. The question I keep asking is where is Cristin Milioti???? She ought to have more screen time! Now the episodes lack substance and feel very draggy. Ugh. HIMYM pls. I want the season finale to be the best so... show us the Mother and more substantial storylines please :(

That is all. I plan to go biking this afternoon so yeah. Bye x

Never got around to biking, but later in the afternoon we did go to Cavite City! Tiangge + perya (carnival) + McDo with mom and dad and Aliyah. It was so fun. Plus, bought DVDs of Game of Thrones S1 and American Horror Story: Asylum S2 (the former, we're watching right now, but we paused for a moment because TWD S04E03 is showing on Fox). lol talk about busy lives. We so gr8 at bein couch potatoez man :p

Planning to watch AHS once Tito Bobot's home, I know he'd love that as well. Saving it up for Wednesday night with the cousins! This is the life ❤ HAHAHA. Ah, sembreak, you may be ending but I'll enjoy you to the fullest :p

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Saturday, November 02, 2013
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