Tall bunny plushie c:
I was browsing the net for some DIY stuff I could do this afternoon, and then I came upon plushies. Yes, the cute, adorable ones that can be as small as a keychain or as big as a pillow. :3 And the step-by-step instructions looked easy enough for me to follow even though I haven't touched a needle and thread for like, four years? So I gave it a go. HA.

I made such a clumsy job, but oh well. There's a first time for everything :)) And, my plushie looks really sad. :( I was thinking of naming it Epic Fail but that sounds too harsh for this fella, so. I got nothing on my sleeve right now.

The tutorial I followed can be found here: immertreues.blogspot.com

To show you guys what I did......

I didn't print the pattern, I just copied it so there. It looks messy. Also, the fabric I used are mere scraps from grandma's stash, she used to make pillowcases for us. I cut it and stitched on the felt face first.

Excuse the clumsy stitches. I told you I haven't touched a needle and thread since 2009. lol

The eyessssss.

After finishing the face's details, I cut the fabric (using the pattern as a guide) and then sewed the edges, right side in.

Flipping it inside out was a challenge, especially the ears lol. I advise using a pen. Fill the inside with stuffing.

To be honest, I had a hard time sealing it and making the finishing stitches not look obvious, so I stitched the whole thing. And friends, I know, it looks plain messy. If you plan to make this as well, do a better job than I did and follow the proper way to blanket-stitch. =))

There she goes. I don't care if she really looks like a DIY project I'm gonna flaunt this at school. HAHA.

I found other plushie tutorials I'm gonna try out soon, too. Here they are: 01 02 03
So, yeah. That's all. Tomorrow's enrollment so I still have some things to prepare.. and wish me luck on the long queue tomorrow *creys* Bye!
P.S. I named her X. (Guess why.) :p

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013
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